Clever marketing by richest party in Ireland…

SINN Fein is cashing in on the success of Ken Loach’s ‘Wind that shakes the barley’ with its ‘Wind that shook the barley’ T-shirt, featuring an IRA flying column. While Fine Gael’s arts spokesman has accused SF of ‘capitalising’ on a movie they have no historical connection with, somehow I can’t imagine film director Ken Loach getting too annoyed…

  • Stephen Copeland

    Thats a nice bit of merchandising!

    Not only Ken Loach, but I can’t see many unionists complaining, since it commemorates only the ‘historic’ (or ‘old’) IRA, a bit like all of those 1912 UVF banners that are ‘OK’ because they are historic.

  • Rory

    Fine Gael, the traditional party of Irish business interests, complaining about business acumen and clever marketing. Sounds like sour grapes to me – like Sainsbury’s complaining of a popular new Tesco line of yoghurts that they wish they had come up with first.

    I expect the only response they will get (and bloody well deserve) from Sinn Fein supporters will be a rousing chorus of “Take it Down from the Mast …”. Serves ’em right.

  • Rose Tyler

    Ken Loach will be quite pleased, as he sees today´s provos as the inheritors of 1916.

    Loach created a smokescreen by saying he sees similarities between 1920 Ireland and today´s Iraq. Loach knows that is poppycock.

    What Loach is stating in TWTSTB is you don´t deal with the “ruthless, blood thirsty” British, you fight them. Furthermore he´s reminded the Provos of this.

    I would like to point out to Loach that while he may think murder and mayhem are the way forward in Northern Ireland, most of us prefer to go about our lifes without the fear of another IRA bombing.

    Of course propaganda and mass offence are not new to this “auteur”. 1991´s Hidden Agenda was Republican propaganda at it´s most offensive, the script came straight out of Connolly house.
    His rather naive slant on the Spanish Civil War, “Land and Freedom” was canned by most Spanish as offensive and revisionist.

    One can´t help to think that Ken Loach would have been useful to the third reich 65 years ago.

  • lib2016


    Given that Ken Loach recognises the fact that the third reich was Germany’s attempt to modernise the methods and ideology of the British Empire I would tend to doubt your assertion.

  • Pete Baker

    Thing is, and what SF seem to have forgotten, there’s more than Ken Loach’s opinion to consider.. he’s only the director.

    But what is risible is the excuse from SF that it’s “just a commemorative t-shirt”..

    A Sinn Fein spokesperson admitted the timing of the T-shirt’s launch was “obviously advantageous”, but added that it was “just a commemorative T-shirt”.

    As this website notes, among others, the quote comes from a lyric referring to a different historical event entirely:

    The scene described refers to the 1798 rising. The words are the work of Robert Dwyer Joyce (1830-1883)

  • Hidden Gem

    Sinn Fein are a pathetic excuse of what Irish Republican means and this just prooves that… accepting northern bank notes ?

  • Rose Tyler

    “Given that Ken Loach recognises the fact that the third reich was Germany’s attempt to modernise the methods and ideology of the British Empire I would tend to doubt your assertion.”

    Talk about fleeting statements. My point is that Loach is as one dimensional as his British characters, although his films are always wonderfully shot. He comes across as nothing more than a propagandist.

  • I love all the tacky gold and silver jewelery on the Sinn Fein website. Any loyalist paramilitary would be envious of such tat.

    Also, why is the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists being sold in their book shop? It has sweet feck all to do with Sinn Fein? It seems Sinn Fein just cash in on whatever they want nowadays.

  • Rory

    The author of The Ragged Trousered Philantropists, Robert Tressell, was a pseudonomous Irishman named Robert Noonan. His remains are buried in Stoke Newington cemetery where in recent years a commemoration ceremony has been held to honour his memory along with that of Feargal O’Connor, the Chartist leader, whose remains lie nearby.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Brilliant piece of opportunism.

  • The Ragged Trousers Phils is the favourite book of David Ervine. It is (supposedly) about a group of painters who argue the toss about socialism etc. Brendan Behan, the late IRA man and alcoholic, whose father was a 1916 man and a painter, and who was big friends of Cathal OIRA Goulding, who was a painter and the son of a painter and 1916 IRA hitman, used to quote it a lot. Left wing painters take it as their bible.
    Jimmy, if you are ever down in Dublin, maybe also check out the bookshop of the Communist Party. Some tried and trusted crap there too.
    The Ragged TPs is a good read if you are about 20 years old and interested in bad proletarian writing and bald political statements. Right up Sinn Fein’s alley

    Rose Tyler: Sorry I am still alive. Oh. And Loach’ take on Spain is not that far from George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia. I fear you are the one with the monochromed glasses.

    As regards being as one dimensional as a Loyalist apologist: it depends what you are looking for. The RTPhils is as one dimensional as it is possible to get but it is useful, like a point in hurling. The same goes for Behan’s writings, or Orwell’s for that matter. There are no great clasics without little pebbles to put them in perspective. Try to broaden your mind. Pray the Rosary, drop acid, read a book, anything.

  • Belfast citizen

    Ken Loach and his scriptwriter, Paul Laverty, are just would-be Hollywood hacks. They love guns and action. Their heroes are the tough guys who shoot first and don’t bother to ask questions afterwards. How can you make an exciting drama about people sitting around negotiating a peace settlement? Naw, that would be no use. Forget about hearts and minds, just shoot them.

    So the Northern Prods don’t want to be part of an independent Catholic Ireland? So the majority of the Dail and the majority of candidates elected in 1922 favoured the Treaty? So the majority voted for the Good Friday Agreement? Well, I’m Ken Loach and I know better than any of you. I say, stuff your votes, partition has failed, you’re being reunited no matter what you want and anyone who objects will be branded a Brit and shot on the spot.

    Winner of the Palme du Sang Award for Callous Stupidity and Political Myopia.