What drives Michael O’Leary..?

RYANAIR chief Michael O’Leary reveals the secret of his success… “All this Freudian angsty crap of ‘Where did it all start?’ I didn’t have a lot of money. I wanted to make money pretty quickly. I got lucky and made money. That was it. I do it now because I’m competitive. I want to stuff it to BA.” Because it’s English? “We love tilting at the English, have done it for about 700 years, but we’re only getting our own back. Remember you beat the crap out of us for the first 600.”

  • Crataegus

    By his own words let us judge him;

    ““I’m probably just an obnoxious little bollocks. Who cares?”

    I wouldn’t be in a hurry to do business with him. He will have his day.

    Can someone explain why petrol for my car is taxed and aviation fuel is not?

  • Aidan

    Sure wouldn’t they just pass it on to the passengers? Or is that what you intend, as a form of taxation based on consumption?

  • Crataegus


    Yes they would but the comparative cost of air fares in relation to other forms of transport would be the real difference without the current, if you like, subsidy.

    And then there is the small matter of quoting the real fare and not misrepresenting the cost.

  • Newryman

    I wonder if he ever has the misfortune to fly on his own crap airline??

  • Droch_Bhuachaill

    In fairness Newryman, when you get three return flights to London from Kerry on Ryanair for the same price as a single train ticket from kerry to Dublin, I’d fly Ryanair….

  • Yokel

    We’ll see if the rumored holes in the accounts ever come within the next year or 2…

  • Crataegus

    By the way if you want to travel to Rouen try Ryanair to Paris (Beauvais) its about equidistant. As for Bratislavia {Vienna) always amuses me that one.

    That said cheap flights, generally not as dire as people make out, but mercifully short journeys. O’Leary would do well to brush up on his people skills and remember that the customer is the person that keeps you in business. I don’t like his attitude and would pay an alternative a bit more simply to avoid him as I would have ZERO confidence in him and his airline if things went wrong at his end.

    In my experience Air Berlin is much much better!!!!

    General tip for anyone travelling carry enough in your hand luggage for a change of clothing and toiletries in case the airline misdirects your baggage!! And photocopy your passport.

  • Rory

    I’m confused, Droch Bhuachaill, how can flying backwards and forwards from Kerry to London get a Kerryman any closer to Dublin?

    Does he parachute out at the half-way stage?

    I think the train would be safer at least.

  • Fraggle

    This cheeky bollocks from the times calls him “O’Reilly” midway through the article.

  • Rory

    It’s all right, Droch_Buachaill, the daughter’s explained it all to me :

    He can get the Heathrow Express to Paddington and train from Paddington to Holyhead and hop on the ferry to Dun Laoghaire.

    Simple when you think about it really.

  • Droch_Bhuachaill

    The point i was trying to make was that its three time cheaper to travel a longer journey to london than a shorter one to Dublin.

    Jeez, sorry, but its hard for me to express myself clearly in this godforsaken language;)

  • Nevin

    Rory, perhaps he should be rebranded, Gorach Bhuachaill 😉

  • Cheap airlines are the way to go, from South West’s original model to the future where htye are sprouting up all over Asia. Tony Ryan has val;id points about governments and monopolies. Why should pipsqueak countries like Irleand have its own over subsidized and over protected airline? The sooner Aer lingus lcose down, the better.
    The airline industry is evolving and the hub and spokes system the big boys use cannot last. Lufthansa has a particular problem with two hubs. The solution is tiered flights: one for the backpacker type and another for those who want to pay more and don’t want trailer trash aboard.

    Also, Ryan did a good job hedging his fuel exposure, Why could the morons of Aer Lingus not do this? (besides the obvious that they are morons)

    And as regards train travel in Ireland: the Dart and train drivers need to be sorted out. If thye don’t want to work, imnport Filipinos to drive the trains and put them back on the dole.

  • Rory

    There’s no need to keep flying over to London to help improve your grasp of the language, a bhuachaill. The southside Dubliners speak the English far better than any Englishman. It must be true for they never stop saying so.

  • Crataegus


    On the subject of Darts rail etc they should visit Switzerland and see how timetabling, and integration of networks and multilingual signs and announcements. Go to any station in Switzerland and you will know at a glance when the next train is, what platform the train you want is on and when it will arrive, and it really does arrive on the minute and connect as it is supposed to.

    Never ceases to amaze me how bad we are at these basic things.

    As for Ryanair there are better alternatives that are growing fast, competitors who respect their passengers.