Westminster and Northern Ireland…

THE DUP have been keen to have meetings held of Westminster’s Northern Ireland Grand Committee meet in Northern Ireland, and could perhaps get their way if the SDLP are not opposed to the move. If plans to allow Orders in Council to be amended (rather than just be passed or dumped) succeed, would this mean primary legislation for NI actually being debated meaningfullyl in NI? If amendments to laws were permitted, surely the local parties (aside from Sinn Fein MPs, who don’t attend) would find their influence on laws passed in Parliament increased on home turf?

  • Greenflag

    Does this Committee have a chairman ? Is he or she elected ? What’s grand about it ? Is it not just more musical chair nonsense in the game of pretense politics that is NI . The Irish parties in Northern Ireland should have nothing to with any committee Grand or otherwise that contains the DUP . Let the DUP continue to go to Westminster to be ignored over there and then let the Irish Parties ignore the DUP when they are here .

    The DUP have nothing to offer the people of Ireland or for that matter the Irish people of Northern Ireland . Best to ignore them and leave them to their getting nowhere fast in circles .

  • Carson’s Cat

    Wouldn’t you be more at home on Talkback, or the Steve Nolan show….. with that level of insight and debate they’ll make you a weekly columnist.

  • Alan

    Allowing amendments to Orders would immediately strip the Civil Service of most of their influence and return some balancing power to the politicians. It would be a good thing in itself, but it’s a project for after a failed Assembly. The DUP clearly want to distract from their own slowly derailing policy on negotiation.

  • The Grand Committee should meet in NI, Orders in Council should be ammendable and Westminster legislation for NI should normally be by way of bills. All regardless of progress on acceptable devolution.