Commission gets marching orders…

THE Police Ombudsman has said the Parades Commission should produce agreed maps of parade routes it makes determinations on, in order to avoid any ambiguity.

  • willis

    Good idea1

    We need a good map of Stoneyford.

  • Padraigin Drinan

    Ms. O’Loan said on the BBC that the problem with the march in Lurgan was ambiguity, that neither the police or the marchers were clear on where they could march.
    There was no ambiguity.
    The Parades Commission in its determinations can only regulate where a parade goes, not where it cannot go.
    Therefore if a stretch of route was not mentioned in the determination, then the marchers could not go there.

    The PSNI and their predecessors have policed parades in Lurgan over many years. They were, or should have been, aware that marchers can only go where it says on the determination.

    If a place is not mentioned in the determination then the police know marchers cannot march there.

    I understand that Ms. O’Loan made her position public on the BBC before giving a copy of her report to the Parades Commission. Had she let them know the content they could have made her aware of thheir powers, and could have shown how they acted within them

  • NedKelly

    Just back in Oz from a few weeks in Belfast and you pricks still haven’t changed since I left as a kid in 1975. Same old crap, march here, march there. Get a fuckin life, a mortgage, some kids and look after their financial future, not your bigoted annual hate fest one. (wastes of space.) I really wonder if beaming you all out of places like Sanday Row and Mt Vernon and the Village and zipping you off to a far off galaxy for a few weeks to see how the rest of the universe lives would do any good but I so much doubt it…). Meanwhile back on the Bonfire Front! the pollution mongers carry on as if the earth’s, and Norn Iron’s atmosphere is non existant. The British Govt, who have signed up to the Kyoto Protocols allow their “loyal citizens” to burn tyres and other junk ad infinitum all in the name of “loyalty to the crown”. I sometimes wonder if the Westminster system (as in the British Parliament) has a derived nuance of sense in regard to global pollution protocols or is it just the old, “tag along with the orange card” syndrome

  • Sat Navs for “kick the pope” bands:-)