DPP’s a waste of time..?

HAS anyone ever been to a DPP meeting? Precious few have, according to the Tele. An expensive facade of accountability?Policing Board Deputy Chairman Barry Gilligan told the BBC: “It seems to me that if you’re motivated enough to ring radio phone-in programmes or if you’re with your friends in the pub talking about vandalism or complaining about police response times, you have the responsibility to make the extra effort and attend a DPP meeting.”

  • CS Paisley

    Does this mean Queens Park supporters will be able to appy too?

    (Bit o Glesca humour for you all)

  • read-earlier-posts

    Exactly what more to the debate does this post add above what Mick posted an hour and a half earler than you Gonzo?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Oops. Hadn’t noticed that, so just for you, I changed the post.

    You can’t say we don’t listen to our readers!

  • Loyalist

    I have. It was a farce.

  • DK

    Loyalist – did they all run around and lose their trousers just as the vicar was coming to tea?

  • Loyalist


    No. At least that would have been interesting. Questions must be submitted in writing for consideration and the questioners aren’t allowed a supplementary response to answers given. A total waste of time.

  • Zorro

    HAS anyone ever been to a DPP meeting?

    Yip. It was interesting if only to find out that there is a difference between a public meeting and a meeting held in public .

    Nonetheless, questions were invited from the floor and I left thinking the SPP meeting were worth while. Only in Norn Iron…

  • memorystick

    Yes, I went to my local one, it was the most mind numbing evening I have ever spent – it ended up being a test of endurance to stay awake!

  • Miss Fitz

    I had spent ages writing a post on this too and got gazumped! It seems all us great minds think alike.

  • Rapunsel

    The last edition of the tele had comments from Jimmy Spratt. His logic was hard to fathom. he thinks the DPP’s are a waste of time but couldn’t posibly not attend? Are we sure that some peopl are not using an attack on the DPP’s to mask disdain for the opportunity that might be presented for engagement with the public? Having public engagement with the police and indeed other statutory bodies would work against the type of clientalism politics that the DUp in particular are masters at and I suppose what all parties engage in. Whilst the structure and format of the public metings , o should that be metings in oublic might ned looked at , can we doubt that some transparency and accountability as well as positive relationships with the public and PSNI might be a good thing? Perhaps thought it can be done more effectively in a different way

    Ps. Would be nice to see how much of the cost of the DPP’s is made up of the attendance allowances of the membership vis s vis Mr Spratt!