cynical, dishonest, sectarian and incompetent

From the Belfast Telegraph, Eamonn McCann with a forensic review of the evidence given during the legal challenges to Peter Hain’s appointment process used for the Parades Commission as well as the High Court ruling and, following Peter Hain’s objection, the subsequent Appeal Court ruling.. and gives a scathing assessment of the NIO’s involvement:

The fact that what happened may have been within the law shouldn’t be allowed to obscure the political truth of the matter, that the NIO has polluted a public appointments procedure by engaging in a cynical, dishonest, sectarian and incompetent exercise designed to lure the Loyal Orders into acceptance of the commission.

And he wonders aloud whether there will be any repercussions for the Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland:

The commission is now marching along the traditional route of all such NIO concoctions, towards oblivion.

Can Mr Hain be far behind?

Unfortunately that would require a level of accountability that has long been absent…