Incentivising the November deadline?

The Draft Education Order does contain a ban on academic selection but allows the Assembly the power to overturn it IF it becomes operational before the 24th November deadline. The two main Unionist parties are the key critics of the plans to end all academic selection so this looks like an attempt to entice/push them along. It would also give the Assembly an important social and economic issue to work on.

  • heck

    does anyone think this issue will split the unionists and the PUP? the unionists are essentially conservatives and selection appeals to their north down and malone road voters.

    The PUP’s constituency in east belfast and the shankill road would be opposed to selection as it is not in the interests of their childern.

  • aquifer

    Facing hard choices or opening up real politics is no incentive for the flag wavers. Our democratic ‘on the runs’ will let direct rule ministers take the decision.

  • Nice bit of political blackmail. Sit in power with terrorists or the kids get it. Don’tcha just love how even-handed NuLabour is? Best of all, David McNarry welcomes it – so you KNOW it must be bad.

  • willis

    No David, hold on there. The SDLP don’t need to share power with the other terrorist related parties to get what they want.

  • heck

    don’t worry david I’m sure SF won’t object to sitting in power with UU/UVF or DUP/LVF terrorists.

  • Nice to see the lotus-eaters alive and well on Slugger.

  • John East Belfast

    That this Govt have been treating this place with contempt since the DUP ascendancy there is no question.
    But this really is the pits

    Regardless of your stance on Selection what this is saying is that Labour have no ideology on the matter whatsoever and clearly dont give a damn about the education of children here.

    The children are just pawns – absolutely disgusting

  • willis


    New Labour philosophy on Selection (Not Downing St)

    1. Generally speaking selection is a bad thing.

    2. Education decisions should be taken at local level.

    3. If local politicians are afraid of hard decisions, make them for them.

    Seems pretty reasonable to me.


    Thanks, an illusion to Ulysses makes an elegant Bloomsday Man-not-ball intervention.

  • Animus

    In that case, I hope the Assembly doesn’t return to power – academic selection is used in societies where all children can’t be educated, not modern, thriving, successful societies.

    But it is rather weaselly of Labour to be so cavalier with our children’s education.

  • Occasional Commentator

    I don’t think the issue has never been selection per se, but whether the less academic schools get the money and have discipline in the classroom. A well run non-grammar school would surely have parents queuing up to get in if it meant the less academically able children getting a good education at the pace that suits them.

    If Labour really wants to destroy grammar schools (which it doesn’t) then they just have to make non-grammar schools worth attending.