World Cup’s ‘Co Down’ underdog from Down Under…

ANYONE local and neutral looking for any tenuous link for a team to support in the World Cup might consider Australia. Blackburn Rovers’ defender Lucas Neill could have played for Norn Irn, but threw his hat in with the Socceroos. Rank outsiders, but at least they’re there, unlike us… and aren’t England(!). Oh, and the Aussies all have Irish great-grannies, are party animals and Maureen Coleman reckons he’s one the ladies might want to watch… what more reason do you need?! :o)

  • Penelope

    irish grannies and party animals??? well then… since NI isn’t in it this sounds like a perfect underdog team to root for 😉

  • Dunno about Irish great-grannies. Most Aussies are of British (mainland), Italian, Greek or Serb descent.

    The more supporters for Aussie though, the better 🙂

    We may not be as skilled (with a few exceptions eg Kewell), but we play rough and scare the bejebus out of the other teams … just ask the Dutch 🙂

    your story was linked from btw.

  • Penelope

    storm…well at least one player has an Irish grannie.. click onto Lucas Neil’s name for the link to the Belfast telegraph article explaining his Ulster connection… his father was from NI and his granddad lives in Bangor… so he could have qualified for the NI squad 🙂

  • storm

    The blog post said the Aussie team ALL have Irish great-grannies. I`m sure Mark Viduka, Kalac etc would be surprised to hear that 🙂

  • Briso

    Anyone with UK citizenship can play for NI.

  • Penelope

    last i checked despite historical ties to the UK Australians were citizens of thier own country… the article about Neil stated that strong family ties qualifed him for the NI squad… not UK citizenship

  • abucs

    Well Kewell’s replacement against the mighty Liechenstein on Thursday was a Kennedy. He managed to score a pretty good header as well ( a bit like Niall Quinn ).

    And their central defender is Craig Moore previously from Rangers FC.

    Will do very well if they qualify into the next round. Guus Hidink who coached the surprise packets of the 2002 world cup – South Korea – is at the helm as well so who knows ???

    My favourite though is Argentina.

  • abucs

    Oh, and Tim Cahill from Everton who scored the equaliser against the Dutch is another Irish name.

    O’Viduka also played for Celtic. Does that count ? :o)

  • English

    What about supporting England? I am sure Roonaldo has Irish roots, and could have qualified to play for the Republic!

  • abucs

    I think he was approached by FAI but went with the white lions instead.

    Irelands loss. Good luck to him.

    What sort of a side do you have this time out english ? Are you guys a reasonable chance ?

  • Yokel

    You got to love the Aussies, they tried to kick the Dutch off the pitch a week ago, i was well impressed. They will give us some entertainment, put a few in the net but will ship more…and no I won’t back that prediction with my own money.

  • abucs

    Yeah Yokel,

    i had a quiet chuckle myself.
    If the game went for another hour the Aussies could have knocked the Dutch out before the tournement even starts. :o)

  • English


    Well the back four is as good as any team and Robinson is a great keeper. I think that in Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard, Cole we have potentially the best midfield in the World, but much will depend on the two central midfielders gelling and carrying out their defensive duties.

    I would expect us to qualify out of a group containing Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago, and Sweden. We must finish top in order to avoid Germany the hosts though, and I think we can do this without Rooney. Rooney should be ready for the second round match hopefully against either Poland or Costa Rica. I think how far we go much depends on the form of the strikers Owen, Crouch, Rooney, because the rest of the team is good enough on their day!

  • pid

    Down South, more than one person has told me the younger folk are backing Poland, as nearly everyone works alongside a Pole or six!

  • Irish Aussie

    Storm needs to check his facts and history 38% of Australians claim some Irish ancestory(2001 census) the English and Scots have similar numbers no one else gets close to ten.
    You could easily argue that no other ethnic group in Australia has had the impact on society that the Irish have.
    The Irish were the driving force in the founding of the labor party(the first in the world) and trade unions in Australia they still dominate both organastations to this day they just don’t run them as Irish parties and never have.
    There has been five Irish prime ministers including one conservative in just over 100 yrs.
    Then there is Ned Kelly, Eureka stockade, Aussie rules I could go on and on.
    Australia would simply not be Australia without the Irish and despite storms comments most Australians are well aware of that.
    The Australians are very worthy of Irish support.

  • foreign correspondent

    This World Cup I´m going to be rooting for the Maldives myself.

  • Realist

    “Anyone with UK citizenship can play for NI”


    No, they can’t.

  • Prince Eoghan

    Dunno about Irish great-grannies. Most Aussies are of British (mainland), Italian, Greek or Serb descent.

    A bizzare claim, even as sweeping statements go.

    Melbourne is officialy the third largest Greek city in the world(300,000+), and Australia abounds with those of Italian descent. Not many claim to have English ancestors, but we will put that down as Aussie beligerance towards the POM’s(prisoners of mother England). By far the two largest claims is of Irish and Scottish descent. Catholicism is also the largest single religion, helped along by numbers from various Catholic emigrants.

    Serbs I would imagine would not even rate in the top 20 when comparing numbers, tiny Malta and Macedonia, Lebanon, Croatia, Vietnam, China, for eg. all make up considerably more in number than Serbs. As someone who went to high school in Melbourne and lived and worked in Sydney I can testify to the multi-cultural success that Oz is. Many Irish will be arrest that the Aussies love Ireland, and would love Irish support.

  • Prince Eoghan

    Many Irish will be arrest that the Aussies love Ireland, and would love Irish support.

    Oops, fruedian slip, that should read attest.

  • Busty Brenda

    AND of course the soaps are all off or delayed!!!

    TV channels should realise that the soaps are their bread and butter. Let the football yobs go see their stupid matches, PUT BACK THE SOAPS.

    Sonia is leaving the square theres a dead body in the woods in emmerdale, the street is in uproar, and what about the BILL??? All sorts of crime and criminals let loose on the streets of Sun Hill, and no one to catch them until after these stupid matches.


  • Prince Eoghan

    Oh busty wan.

    Have you got bored with annoying your own man. Come to give us some grief now. lol.

  • Busty Brenda

    Eunuck my oul mucker, a wide screen and a bunch of sweaty boozing geezers in my living room!!

    A nice movie, gone with the wind, or a tear jerker, or a comedy. sleepless in seatle maybe….


    Now we have a tv licence a rarity in some parts, so I say;

    Will paddy and chas get it on in emmerdale?? waddabout that bitch behind the bar!!
    She has a brass neck.

  • Prince Eoghan

    Oh busty wan.

    My wee bhoy has been wetting himself waiting for this, me too. the only two bad things are that Scotland/Ireland aren’t there and the sassenachs are giving it pelters as they think they might win it(don’t they always)

    Noo away wi yir soaps n gie’s peace wummin.

  • Busty Brenda


    O alright. BUT I had to register a protest.

  • Prince Eoghan,

    We have every reason to be excited – the World Cup is only every 4 years for God’s sake!

    I am sorry that you are upset that Ireland will not grace the World Cup. May I add Scotland is going to the World Cup – click on my name to see.

  • Prince Eoghan


    Thought that was going to be the tartan army song about the T+T player Jason Scotland. It is quite good, much better than the dross the English team has as their anthem. I wish I could wish England all the best, but I just canny.

    Anyway, enough gassin, the opening ceremony BEGINS.

  • storm

    OK, I stand corrected, there are obviously alot of Aussies with Irish heritage…. It`s just than in my neck of the woods, most heritage is English, Scottish, Italian, Greek and Serb/Croat.

    I`m not sure if Ned Kelly was a great rolemodel to mention though 🙂

    Anyway the original blog post made it seem that all the Aussie team had Irish blood, which was what I was arguing against.

    Yeah we love Irish ppl. Never got to NI, but Dublin was very cool. Could live there (much nicer than London, where we did live for a while).

    Pity an Irish team isn`t at the cup. When the Aussies get kicked out (very soon imho), I`ll be supporting the English though (my heritage), and I think they have a great chance this year of going all the way… equal chance with Argentina & Brazil. One of those 3 will win I think. Probably Brazil.

    The Germany/Costa Rica match is about to start… gotta go 🙂

  • Lib2016

    “I’m not sure if Ned Kelly was a great rolemodel…”

    Try the bhoys from Eureka Stockade – some of whom hailed from Newry!

  • Prince Eoghan

    I think this may have been the first time the southern cross was used, much in the same way the starry plough is used.


    Where is your neck of the woods?

  • abucs

    The German team has come through well in their first pressure game. They could be quite dangerous. I have to say their play looked much more attractive than their musical exploits in the opening ceremony.
    Did anyone see the playing of the cow bells ?

    English, a friend of mine raves on about Gerard in his beloved Liverpool team.

    Have to say he had a cracker of a game in the FA cup final.

  • Busty Brenda


  • smirkyspice

    lol English you tube hahaha

  • storm

    perth, Oz. arsehole of the world.

  • Prince Eoghan


    I have two cousins there just now. Aussies born and bred, they moved from Melbourne and they love it. I have talked the missus into moving to Perth, maybe go in the next few years, ruled out Melbourne and Sydney, too many of my ex’s for her liking, Brizzie too humid so that just left us with going too live where the doctor will blow us away.

    Enjoying yersel o busty wan. I’m goin to a garden party to watch king Henrick play for Sweden. It is boiling so I may stay under the shade, it is over 28 degrees in Glesga just now.

  • storm

    Enjoy yourself when you get here Prince. I`m from Perth orig. but it`s a dead boring city/part of the world when you`ve spent the last 10 years hanging around London… there`s not a Castle in the whole of Aus 🙂 for lots of good info btw.

    If Trinidad can draw with Sweden, then surely Aus can beat the Japs. Would love to see England against the Japs though… Crouch vs. little Japanese men 🙂

  • Storm: A little off topic but respect the “Japs”. When the Rugby World cup was in SthvAfrica, the “Japs” were great, doing kamikaze tackles on the Kiwis. And don’t forget, the “Japs” hope you guys are easy meat. Oxxies first, then Brazil, and then the world. Banzai!

  • storm

    I do respect the Japs (just too lazy to type out `Japanese` each time). That`s the problem. Technically they are a better side. and their 2-2 draw with Germany in the friendly scares me (as they are supposed to have scoring problems). Aus I hope have the Guus factor, so tactics and organisation and determination will win out over talent (if so, we`ll also beat Brazil 🙂 ).

    Check out the green boots of one of the Jap players… extra special ones from Nike(??). Hopefully not too special 🙂

  • Prince Eoghan

    I’ll be doin the Nakamura, oh naka, nakaaamuraa, shunsuke Nakamura.

    Taigs, where I lived all east Asians were called nips. It was a hangover fromm ww2 and Vietnam, which had/has a bigger impact on Oz than here, never noticed any latent racism, just ocker colloquialism.