First conviction for psychological wounding in NI

There is very little detail about this case, but it appears quite extraordinary on the basis of the facts available. A former police officer who harrassed a mother into looking at photographs of her dead son after he hanged himself has been jailed for three years. It appears that Martin Kift acted in a very inappropriate manner with a woman whose son committed suicide, and had to endure some fairly appalling sounding harrassment from the former officer. Seems he was a serving Policeman at the time of the offences, as it is being reported that he resigned before disciplinary procedures against him could be started. The victim is not being named for legal reasons, but has said she is happy with the jail term handed down to Kift.

Hard to imagine how difficult it must have been for this woman to not only experience such a traumatic event as the suicide of her son, and then be subjected to this kind of treatment. I’ve done some searching and although this is cited as the first conviction of psychological wounding in NI, I cant find any references to other cases in the UK. If anyone has further information, it would be interesting to see how common this might be elsewhere.