Pen mightier than petrol bomb…

GOALKEEPING legend Gordon Banks is best known for saving an amazing header by Pele in 1970, but his greatest ever save may have been stopping a young Don Mullan from joining the IRA after Bloody Sunday. A book by Mullan would later pave the way for the Bloody Sunday Inquiry.

  • The Devil

    If that’s the case why are the Americans not armed with Biros in Baghdad.

  • Rory

    I was thinking along the same lines as The Devil. I once knew a guy who really fancied himself as a writer, but he was really bloody awful at it. Who knows, if only Bloody Sunday hadn’t inspired him to join the Republican Movement and lead a productive life as an IRA volunteer and later as a Sinn Fein community activist he might have gone on to become another insufferable literary horror like Jeffrey Archer or Dan Brown.