Ireland: Eurovision 1972

Brave attempt two years after Dana won Ireland’s first Eurovision. Great start. Pity about the rest of it.

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16 thoughts on “Ireland: Eurovision 1972

  1. They were simpler times werent they? Mick, I mustn’t have heard that song in 30 years, and it all came back. What a lovely nostalgic moment!

  2. tl, what do you mean the other “dana”? Dana the politician is the same person as Dana the musician. But I think you mean something else because you didn’t capitalize “dana”?

  3. I actually thought TL meant the Dana from Israel thought won the Eurovision some years ago. Was it not Dana International?

  4. Its a sign of age when you can remember 1972!! I’m afraid the Bay City rollers did it for me, not Dana with or without a capital ‘D’.

  5. I loved your pictures Busty, we’ve been to nearly exactly the same places.

    And yes, its amazing what a new born baby can remember in musical terms

  6. I was indeed talking about Dana international… the use of that moniker by a jewish drag queen always gives me the giggles (I’m easy to please, i admit)

  7. Thanks missfitz, do you have any photos to share with us? I don’t like to post up pics of family, but I love photo blogs, and womens blogs.

  8. I dont know how to get them up on the blog, but there are pets and holidays on missfitzphotos on flickr.

    Try it and see?

  9. Missfitz, I just love your dog, and that dinner LOL I could eat that. We have a small very young jack russell, but he is very mild tempered, and playful. We got him for our daughter. I like your hair, no jar of beetroot escapades for you LOL.

    FYI to up load your pics, create a blog, and blogger has an up loader and it walks you thru, very easy. I must visit flikr sometime.


  10. I recall some excitment at the idea of a song being sung in Irish on the BBC at the time. How times have changed.

  11. Now I know why I problems with it Mick– I played it yesterday morning, and the silly thing stuck in my head all day long. My best bit of revenge though was playing it for my son….. he he he… now its stuck in his heavy metal head too…..

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