Republic loses the top of Donegal (again)!

In another slow newsday story, Jo Duffy on RTE this afternoon lifted the lid on a FAS leaflet doing the rounds of the EU, which apparently has a map in which the most of Donegal north of Letterkenny (don’t panic Damien) is annexed by Northern Ireland. We haven’t seen said offending article, but it won’t be the first time someone in Dublin has forgot to keep the bit of the south that’s north of the north where it belongs. Cecilia Keavney joked once about being the MP for Inishowen when it was geopolitical shifted to the East, by some insensitive Jackeen of a cartographer.


  • Occasional Commentator

    If the border were to be a straight line parallel to the equator, dividing it clearly into a North and a South, where should that line be? Would there still be a unionist majority in the North?

  • Occasional Commentator

    In my previous comment, ‘straight line parallel to the equator’ doesn’t really make much sense. I should have said a circle which is parallel to the equator.

    Sorry for being a geometrical pedant about my own comment!

  • OC- The line/ circle should be as far south as possible. That would ensure nationalist majorities on both sides of said border, and the resulting border plebiscites would presumably resuklt in reunification. Gerrymadering, I know, but then isn’t that what created artificial borders like the one that exists today are all about 😉

    As regards the pedantry- the line you speak of which is parallel to the equator will only go across the island of Ireland, it will remain a line, rather than becoming a full circle around the earth. Therefore, I think your original comments stands.

  • canadian

    El Matador

    If you accept Euclid’s axiom about a line; it will only be a line on some cartographic representations.

    Regards, pedantic canadian.

  • Not to worry folks, Donegal is bagged and tagged.

    There is an old coast watchers station on Malin Head that stinks of sheep piss. Just north of where the stench stops is “EIRE” spelt out in large white rocks.

    Grandma Dev sort of sewed the name in it’s knickers in case it got lost.

  • Inishowen Ex-pat

    Greek version of the map can be seen at

  • Wee Ulsterman

    Now if only the original Boundary Commission recommendations were accepted… many of those parts of Donegal on the map might well be in the UK today!

    It’s true – not the Inishowen peninsula mind you, but a wee bit of land west of Derry city, and another wee bit in the southwest of the Province. In return nationalist areas of NI would have been given to the south.

    There are still Orange Order marches in Donegal each summer and the minority Protestant community – muchly bolstered by the wave of immigration into the RoI – is thriving despite the blatant anti-Protestant gerrymandering that deprived popular local Protestant Councillor Jim Devenney of his seat last time round.

    Now, in a most curious turn of history, there is every chance that, with the help of ethnic minority votes, Devenney would win back that seat.

    The experience of immigration in the Republic has been a very positive one for Southern Protestants, raising their numbers significantly. Many Protestant churches in the Republic are now seeing attendance numbers they haven’t seen since the 1920s.

    Hopefully that positive experience of immigration will translate itself into greater tolerance among the Protestant community here in Northern Ireland.

  • D’Oracle

    Send FAS to Birr ; got to be a few newly recruited Offaly cartographers who will understand the sublety of all this
    Donegal lines on maps palaver.

  • JohnkingII

    Yee Ha not chuckie ar la only 2 and half to go till all of Ulster’s back under our sovereign Queen god bless her.

  • Iano

    Just what the Prime Minister of northern Ireland, Bertie Ahern, needs a story to detract attention away from the main issues.

    I doubt Ewe-Ewe will get away with his post though.