US House of Representatives calls for Public Finucane Murder Inquiry

The United States House of Representatives has called on the British government to hold an independent public inquiry into the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane.

Following Finucane’s death, evidence apparently emerged that British police and military intelligence agents had colluded with loyalist paramilitaries in his murder with allegations of an official cover-up of such collusion.The House voted 390-31 for a resolution urging British Prime Minister Tony Blair to widen the scope of the controversial Inquiries Act, under which the British government intends investigating the allegations.

Human rights group Amnesty International has already denounced the Inquiry Act as a “sham”.

US Republican Chris Smith, who introduced the resolution, said: “Finding answers to the questions surrounding Mr Finucane`s murder will help restore full confidence in the rule of law in the North of Ireland and ensure that any agents of the government who may have colluded in the murder of a defence attorney are held accountable.”