Westminster ripple effect on NI?

James Kelly cogitates on the recent ructions in Westminster and their possible effects on the political process here. Although, despite feverish speculation about the foreshortening of Blair’s planned departure date, I suspect that his timetable allows for some little slippage in Hain’s November deadline. With a larger slippage, well… !! Ah, but we get ahead of ourselves…

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  • Crataegus

    Blair will be out by Autumn conference 2007. He will have no alternative following more bad local election results in May 2007. If he had any decency or Labour back benchers any moral courage he would go sooner, but they don’t and he doesn’t so it will be Autumn 2007. By staying he will have crippled any possibility of a serious recovery before the next general election.

    NI is an intractable problem for any British Prime Minister. In all likelihood Brown will be next PM. Expect much more attention to detail and less of the aspirational approach to policy and politics that typifies Blair. Blair is not a person for detail Brown is.

    There will be fundamental changes in the cabinet and I would doubt if Hain will remain here. So we benefit in that respect. However I can’t see much change in direction as attention will be on the main stage and not the side show.

    Brown will be looking to the next election with Labour in decline and the possibility of a hung parliament. Unionists turn up to vote SF doesn’t. This place is potentially a political liability for Labour. There is a possibility that the DUP, UUP or SDLP may decide the next government!! What a thought.

  • Cahal

    Honest question: why do unionists seem to dislike/hate every secretary of state put in charge of running the North (in my lifetime anyway)?

  • Cahal

    Wasn’t refering to Crataegus in the previous post.

  • Valenciano

    Cahal, in my lifetime, Roy Mason, NI sec of state under Callaghan was well loved.