Audience participation needed..

The BBC’s most prominent audience participation show, with regard to politics, Question Time is in Belfast next week, apparently. No details yet on panellists, and the topics will, no doubt, be carefully selected on the night itself.. although I expect there will be at least one discussion on the prospects for an Executive

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  • elfinto

    Martin McGuiness
    Michael O’Leary (RyanAir)
    Shaun Woodward (NIO)
    A woman whose name begins with M who is a columnist for the Sunday Times

  • Pete Baker

    A charming collection, fintan..

  • Tiny

    No unionist politician?

  • elfinto

    Minette Marrin

  • The Devil

    you can see why they are having problems getting an audience…

    a failed poet
    a union breaker
    a guy whos brother acted in the equalizer
    and a woman that no one can remember

  • These shows can be very civil and even good humoured, but it’s always sad to watch any DUP representative come on and treat the sinn fein representative like they are basically fecal matter, they dehumanize their opponent, they probably even feel deep down that the person is sub human,worse than their own pets, when I observe this I weep for humanity. Is it the whole bitter HATRED, emotional, visceral, disgust trip thing which motivates them and keep them going?
    The UUP have been very civil and have addressed the Sinn Fein representatives as human beings, and for that I applaud them.