Gaelic Football: got that?

This is better obviously if you speak/understand Dutch. But this is how Dutch TV viewers were introduced to the delights of Gaelic Football! A fine body of men, playing for the Maastricht Gaels!!


  • Keith M

    Just what Ireland’s repuation needs, a petulant yob draped in a tricolour.

  • joeCanuck

    petulant: adjective: easily irritated or annoyed.

    I saw a smiling young lad.
    Seems to me that “petulant” might be better employed to describe a certain commentator.

  • foreign correspondent

    ´´Just what Ireland’s repuation needs, a petulant yob draped in a tricolour´´

    That´s a slightly harsh description of the Irish rugby team methinks 🙂

  • briso

    It was all a fairly normal and predictable commentary and set of interviews except for the amusement they all had from playing a sport called “Gay Lick”! It hadn’t occurred to me before!

  • sb

    I was bending for a ball one time and the guy behind me almost got a ‘gay lick’.

    Keith M.
    Get a job

  • Rafa Benitez

    on an (ever so slightly) link to this subject, I read this article today and found it interesting:

  • The Hurler on the Ditch

    Orangemen playing Gaelic Football… whouda thunk it!

  • “Orangemen playing Gaelic Football… whouda thunk it!”

    Aren’t Armagh the orange men of the GAA?

  • Cap’n Morgan

    Armagh have saffron shirts 😉

  • Mick Fealty

    That’s Antrim, surely!?

  • “the amusement they all had from playing a sport called “Gay Lick”! It hadn’t occurred to me before!”

    That’s a very old one. Even Ali-G used it ages ago.

  • Donnacha

    A fine body of men indeed. In fact some of them were fine figures of several men hiding under the one geansai. And as for Gaelic taking off in unusual places, I am reminded of Micheal O Muircheartaigh’s famous comment about one of the O hAilpin boys playing hurling for Cork: “His father’s from Fermanagh, his mother is from Fiji, neither a hurling stronghold….”

  • bag’oshite

    gaelic sports in holland great. i cant wait to see the ladies camogie. but seriously nothing wrong with the netherlands playing irish sports after all does the rest of the world not hijack the irish for one day a year

  • John

    Hi Guys, im that petulan yob, that keith m is waffling on about. Sorry if i offended anyone, but if it makes any difference, i bught the guy (who’s actually Italian) after the match, and dutch/italian – irish relations were restored. Why cant certain biggot commentators take a lead from our example!!!!!

  • John

    sorry excuse the spellings, and i didnt buy the guy, typo, i bought him a pint!!!!

  • dalek


    Hope you behaved yourself in future matches. Well done for outing yourself as the offender!!!

    I think Keith M is a little sensitive and there are far more petulant yobs on here!!!!

    Nice to see a post only seven months late lol

  • Doctor Who

    Right thats it.

    Theres a party going on around here and i´m about to let a bunch of terrorist hungry Spanish Chicas y Chicos on the blog.

    Nacho.. Anything you want to say.

    Si…Muerte para putas del eta.

    Hey stay off the PC chicos, i´ve just finished making the vegetarian sausages.

    Grazy, Grazy, Grazy.

  • dalek

    Happy New Year Doctor Who!


  • Doctor Who,

    Send me round some of that gear that you are taking…!!!