Orange Order in Dublin

And meeting McAleese.. according to the BBC that’s Martin McAleese, the non-elected husband of the Irish President, whose meetings have attracted criticism in the past, although the UTV/PA report claims that President Mary McAleese is also expected to attend, possibly – RTÉ don’t necessarily agree. ANYway, it follows the Orange Order’s meeting yesterday with the SDLP, but there a couple of points in the reports today worth highlighting.From the BBC report

Although Mr McAleese is not an official arm of government, it is expected that Irish civil servants will be present at the meeting.

An Orange Order spokesman said the talks would focus on the interests of its members in the Irish Republic.

and further down in the report –

Although Mr McAleese does not have any official Irish Government authority, he has used his influence in the past during meetings with loyalist paramilitary leaders in Belfast.[added emphasis]

As well as Mr Saulters and Mr Nelson, he is expected to meet the institution’s grand masters in the border counties and representatives from Dublin.

It would be interesting to know who those civil servants are, and what the Department of Foreign Affairs officials, whose views were reported by Suzanne Breen, think of this meeting in comparison to their view of the meetings with those loyalist paramilitary leaders

“To say senior Department of Foreign Affairs’ officials are worried is an under-statement,” says a government source. “This is a time-bomb waiting to go off. He’s in very dodgy territory – an unelected individual acting with the clout of his wife’s office raises constitutional issues.”

And the final quote has an Orange Order spokesman attempting to put it all into perspective –

But the organisation’s spokesman stressed that it did not signal any major new development.

“We have met with Irish Government officials in Belfast about three weeks ago to have discussions about parading issues and issues in the South.

“We met the SDLP yesterday and (Northern Ireland Secretary) Peter Hain three times in the last month.

“It may reflect a change of tactics but it’s not part of a concerted campaign.”

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  • briso

    > non-elected husband of the Irish President

    Are husbands normally elected? 😉

  • Henry94

    In my case I was appointed.

  • Pete Baker

    Admittedly an awkward phrasing, briso.. but hopefully you understood the point I was making?

  • smcgiff

    ‘In my case I was appointed.’

    Proposed by Mr Shotgun?

  • John McDougall

    What I and the vast majority of Scots cannot understand, is why the Orange order feels the need to tramp the streets in paramilitary style each year.

  • Sean

    John thats something that the majority of nationalists wonder too.

    You dont see the Orange Order in Donegal march with their paramilitary pals, a reason that Donegal locals dont have a problem with parades there.

  • John McDougall

    I have nothing against the Orange Order but – the vast majority of Scots are not going to celebrate the victory of a Hanoverian ruler whose descendants set about the wholesale destruction of Scottish culture and life.

  • Pete Baker


    The original post is [at least it was attempting to be] a little more focused than the topic the comments so far have addressed.

  • dodrade

    “Martin McAleese, the non-elected husband of the Irish President,”

    Well, neither was she second time around.

  • Doot


    “In my case I was appointed.”

    I bet there are quite a few happily “disappointed” ones. There’s the paradox…

  • bag’oshite

    if i seen one orangeman in donegal carry a union jack i would do a jackie chan on that mofos ass. if i seen an orangeman carry the tricolour of my country i would do a little rock on his ass. in case anybody doesnt know what that means, little rock arkansas was the birthplace of american dissegregation. the white cops grabbing the american flag out of a black kids hand. only difference was those kids were american and proud of it. orangemen arent irish by nature or will of indivuality. fack ’em

  • bag’oshite

    scuse the above typo’s im drunk..orangemen are’nt irish by nature or by individuality of will or belief. yeah an fack’em still

  • Pete Baker


    Given your self-admitted drunkenness.. stepping away from the keyboard would probably be a good idea at this time.

  • missfitz

    I see noone has mentioned it yet, so I shall do the history thing.

    The last Orange parade in Dublin was in July 1937, when the parade was going to Belfast for the 12th by train. The participants were stoned and attacked by rioters on that day and abandoned all future attempts at parading.

    They next atttempted in in 2000 but were strongly dissuaded from doing so, and have had their 12th in Aras an Uachtarain ever since.

    There is now one lodge in the Dublin area, the Dublin/Wicklow lodge and it is starting to show signs of improving vitality. At one time, Dublin was an important centre of Orangeism and I think the Grand Lodge was based there.

    In any case, it has been a freezing cold house in the Republic for orangeism over the past century and the question begs to be asked? Why cant a minority tradition be allowed to freely express the heritage, or why does the dominant culture feel the need to exclude to the point that it has done so.

    Answers on a post card please

  • George

    How many gay parades are there in Belfast Missfitz?

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Henry94: “’In my case I was appointed.’

    smcgiff: “Proposed by Mr Shotgun? ”

    Nae, smcgiff, were it that, he would have been drafted, not appointed.

  • rira

    go home while you still can