One’s latest visit to the former colony…

HERE’S one Dubliner’s account of an ‘encounter’ with Phil the Greek yesterday… but paving the way for the Queen again? How 1998! Prince Philip apparently waved to the dozen or so Republican Sinn Feiners protesting against his protest. The BBC reported that “wherever Prince Philip went the cameras followed, clicking furiously and drowning out the small talk he and others were having”. That wasn’t the case elsewhere, as Philip’s verbal gaffe’s are legendary. Anyone Dubs hear any? Here’s a couple of anecdotal quotes from when he visited Stormont

Just for a bit of context, the Assembly members were all lined up in a row in the Great Hall to meet the Queen, and these were parts of two of the alleged conversations between the Duke of Edinburgh and two politicians…

Upon learning about the Women’s Coalition from leader Monica McWillliams:

That’s a bit sexist isn’t it?

After a DUP politician showed him his ‘Save the RUC’ badge:

Bit late for that!

Apocryphal, but entertaining…

  • heck

    I liked the spoof on his comments to soldiers he was visiting in Nor Iron.

    Damn clever these Irish wogs–white you know.

  • The man’s a gem.
    Good to see him visiting, hope it does pave the way for a visit by the Queen of E.

  • Keith M

    It’s a ridiculous situation that the Queen who has visited over a hundred countries during her reign has not come to Ireland. I’m no royalist, but the U.K. is our only neighbour, a country where millions of p[ople wiuth Irish ancestry life and which we now thankfuly enjoy the most most cordial relations. It will be great to see union flags decorating Dublin’s streets once again.

  • ncm

    “Everybody was saying we must have more leisure. Now they are complaining they are unemployed.” (1981)
    Said during the 1981 recession.


  • Paul

    Actually Keith, the Queen has visited Ireland many times during her reign, though she’s yet to visit the Republic.

  • Stephen Copeland

    Re Phil the greek:

    (a) He’s a class act – I love him. You couldn’t make it up.

    (b) He isn’t really Greek. Originally a Greek subject and a Prince of Greece and Denmark, he renounced these titles and his allegiance to marry the Princess Elizabeth. He is a member of the Danish Royal House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, from Northern Germany. That clear?

    (c) He isn’t formally any part of the British governmental structure – he just happens to be married to its CEO. In Ireland he’s just another British tourist.

    (d) The event he was at is just another small step towards a UI – a joint Gaisce/Duke of Edinburgh awards ceremony. Border-blurring is part of the overture for the main act.

  • Keith M

    Paul, politically Ireland is the Republic.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Geographically, it’s an island!

  • Paul

    So where is Northern Ireland located then Keith? Great Britain?

  • Joe

    Phil the Greek is a joke, as I am sure he and his dowdy housefrau knows.
    How much cheaper and better and funnier it would have been if the british had been able to elect Ken Dodd as president.


    “So where is Northern Ireland located then Keith? Great Britain?”

    In the British isles.

  • M. Gibbs, Chicago

    I’m surprised anyone cares whether or not Mrs. Greekodopolous, or whatever her real name is, visits Ireland. Kings, princes and all that nonsense can’t be taken seriously.

    [see commenting policy – edited moderator]