The policing paradox

I mentioned this previously, prior to the actual publication of the 10th IMC report, but there’s a real paradox in Peter Hain’s welcoming of the Provisional IRA, and in his view Sinn Féin, “stamping out criminality” while at the same time encouraging Sinn Féin to support the police – NI Questions in the Commons today

Mr. Hain: On the hon. Gentleman’s point about criminality, it is now clear that the Provisional IRA – and, therefore, its political link, Sinn Fein – is now committed to stamping out criminality and paramilitary activity. The only logical, sustainable long-term position for anyone seeking to perform parliamentary legislative duties or exercise ministerial office is to support the police. We will be working on that and encouraging Sinn Fein to do that.

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  • “Questions in the Commons today” I watched and listened on the tv and and from the behavour of the MP’s it seems that “Slugger commenters” are more interested in this report than the British Government seem to be.



    trust me…i know