On the nature of the Irish media…

One of the most engaging conversations on the vexed question of media and politics. Vincent Browne hosts a conversation between Pat Carey, Gerry O’Regan and Harry Browne and on Michael McDowell’s perceptive address on politics and the media. Among the questions: neutrality versus an eclectic mix; techocratic versus real politics. One of the few places where these question is being asked, even if you don’t like the answers!

  • Chris Donnelly


    The speech by Michael McDowell is very interesting.

    One of the areas highlighted by McDowell was ‘agenda-setting’ in the media. In the last edition of The Village, Vincent Browne and Scott Clarke analysed one journalist’s questionable use of the ‘exclusives’ tag in what could be described as a prime example of this practice by Irish journalists.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Oops! Link didn’t seem to work. Here is the site address.


  • Brian Boru

    McDowell was right about “agenda setters” or do-dogooders as far as I am concerned on some issues. He didn’t specify exactly who he had in mind but it probably included the anti-deportation crowd among others. Nearly the whole press were against the Citizenship referendum and 80% voted for it for example. Since then Browne and O’Toole haven’t exactly been great fans of his, but I think that will only help him.

  • Harry

    that audio discussio was a dreadful pile of oul waffle.