Lennon lifts Scottish trophy…

FORMER Northern Ireland footballer and Celtic captain Neil Lennon lifted the Scottish league trophy yesterday.

  • fartrick

    you shouldnt bring sport into politics…

  • Keith M

    “Former Northern Ireland footballer” just being pedantic but as he was born in Northern Ireland and is still a footballer, there’s nothing “former” about Lennon.

    It’s good to see to see something working out for Lennon on the pitch, given what has been happening off it.

    Who knows if he stays around til the end of the decade Celtic might enen catch up with Rangers on league wins, I doubt it though.

  • Who

    Lurgans famous son done us proud.

  • JK

    Certainly did… on Easter Sunday as well 🙂

  • Fidel O’toole

    Is he the ginger haired one? He can certainly pass a ball backwards about 5 yards. Special, eh?