Aspiring to a united Ireland a crime against international law?

Dermot Nesbitt of the UUP believes “the aspect of treating nationalist/republican aspirations for a united Ireland as equal to the unionist position is a crime against international law and without precedent”. The comment comes as a response to the British Government over its ‘plan B‘ strategy for “joint stewardship” of Northern Ireland with the Irish Republic. Hold on to your hats for the upcoming “international campaign” Ulster Unionists are planning to embarrass Tony Blair over this.

Nesbitt has been asked UUP leader Sir Reg Empey to spearhead the campaign to “expose” the Government.

“The task is extremely difficult – the governments have the power while citizens’ power is weak, ” said Nesbitt.

“Only by a process of exposure and possible embarrassment is there any chance of success. Such is the power of government today.”