Anyone for the Tayto Dome?

The name of Ravenhill, the home of Ulster rugby, is up for sale. Fan reaction is mixed.

  • Crataegus

    Here we go again the dead hand of the Planning Service falls on another unsuspecting victim. Just a few issues to address, well let me see, its near mid April, Easter next week and allow a few weeks minimum for communications between Planning and Roads Service, then internal group meeting, then off to council meeting and probably not a chance in Hell of obtaining approval before June. I would guess September October at the earliest.

    So another development delayed a year. This is happening over and over again all over Northern Ireland. This is one Department that really does need closer scrutiny. Do we receive value of money, what are their objectives and can we make it cheaper to apply? Can decisions be reached much faster or definite opinion obtained at an early date?

    Be great to see Ravenhill developed.

  • Tochais Siorai

    As a cross border gesture shouldn’t the Irish govt. buy the rights and call it De Valera Park (Páirc De Valera) in honour of the former Stormont MP for South Down and rugby fan ‘the game most suited to the Irish character’ (the GAA loved him for that!).

    Good to see a new irish qualified prop on the scene – but if he can’t get into that Aussie front-row…..