DUP to meet with British-Irish Interparliamentary Body

RTÉ may have jumped to conclusions with this report, but it is a move that seems to have taken the UUP by surprise. The BBC clarifies the situation somewhat. While the DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson, speaking on Talkback, described the move as responding to an invitation from Paul Murphy to make a presentation to the British-Irish Interparliamentary Body in Killarney, County Kerry on 24 April.


  • Joe

    Much better than throwing snowballs.

  • steve48

    this is just another example of the DUP’s commitment to north-southery as outlined in the robinson-adams agreement otherwise known as the comprehensive agreement. In it the DUP committed themselves to a new north south parliamentary tier and obviously given robinsons speech last week in the USA the DUP are still commited to the development of all-ireland bodies which they can be involved in.

  • unionist

    one can only imagine the uproar and name calling that the dup would have engaged in had the uup sought to make such a presentation. hyprocrisy flowing from every orifice

  • Stephen Copeland

    24 April is the actual date of the start of the Easter Rising, and the Proclamation of the Republic (24 April 1916).

    Maybe a co-incidence?

  • Yokel

    For the DUP’s presentation, definitely a coincidence, sure they saw the Rising as a military failure anyway, with participants catcalled on the streets as they were carted off.

    I don’t think the DUP mind talking to people in the South, its better than dealing with the Shinners, anyway crossing the border reminds then they are in a separate country, very re-assuring I’m sure.

  • Yokel

    Here’s a thought, is it all about looking like they are prepared to talk, showing flexibility then when it comes to the crunch at talks they could walk out if required with a bit of understand if not sympathy?

  • Jim

    Yokel: crossing the border reminds then they are in a separate country, very re-assuring I’m sure.

    What border is that?

    I just don’t see one.

  • Yokel

    Jim, you’ve made my day with that statement

    Its the one with that divides the two countries with two:

    Different systems of government
    Tax regimes
    Foriegn Policies
    Police forces
    Military forces
    Postal & other communications systems
    Different representatives at Supranational political level

    I can go on but those are just a few. I’d say that suggests two different countries (or states if we wish to use the recognised terminology, here I am using them interchangeably) wouldnt you? I haven’t even mentioned such significances as two different fry ups.

    Bless you Jim, no really I know the imagination is a powerful thing but it can’t remove whats there. Sure if it was two different countries, how come Slab did so well from his cross border trade eh?

    Have a lovely day now…

  • William Lundy

    Has anyone had a look at the speech Peter Robinson gave to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York last week (it’s available on the DUP website)? It received very little coverage in the press, though I think it’s highly significant and consistent with this latest move.

    For instance it is clear that Robinson sees the future of any devolved government in Northern Ireland within the parameters of the GFA. He implicitly accepts Trimble’s analysis that the GFA settled the constitutional question:

    “While historically the Northern Ireland issue has been seen as a conflict over territory, religion, culture and identity the core issue today is much simpler – it’s about the rule of law.

    “It may surprise some but I believe there is no insurmountable problem for politicians in Northern Ireland to forge a working relationship based on respect for each others values – indeed they are standing ready to do so – where the problem lies is that it is vital such an arrangement is earthed in preserving democracy and the rule of law. These precious principles must prevail and must not be sacrificed in a rush for the finish line. ”

    The rule of law? How many DUP-ers would share that view of the conflict? It’s a Trimble-ite view (one that I and many nationalists also share).

    Note also the ending:

    “In the months ahead I hope there will emerge a clear message from Northern Ireland that all those who have stood fast and suffered long have been rewarded by the dawn of a better and brighter day; that the eternal values of liberty and democracy have prevailed and that the sons and daughters of the Planter and the Gael have found a way to share the land of their birth and live together in peace.”

    A pluralist parliament for a pluralist people, as someone else once put it.

    It would seem from this that, subject to the IRA receiving a clean bill of health from the IMC in the Autumn, the DUP WILL go into government with Sinn Fein come November. Or at least, that’s what the Robinson wing wants.

  • Yokel

    If it was just one country, not two different countries….I stand corrected.

  • Jim

    Yokel: You truly are ignorant.

    Non of the 2’s you have mentioned are above the aspirational interests for the majority of people on this Island. It’s the one Country and it’s called Ireland – Sadly at present as a consequence of British Colonial interests it currently has a two different administrations.

    The physical border has been removed.

  • fair_deal


    “the DUP’s commitment to north-southery”

    The DUP policy document East West North South states (and endorsed by the electorate).

    “A firm foundation of mutual respect, accountability and value for money for the people of Northern Ireland will provide an environment in which the DUP will engage positively and operate agreed arrangements to consult, co-operate and implement approved action on a North South axis.” This was also in the context of a constitutional guarantee.

    This predates the Comprehensive Agreement so where is the revelation here?

    “the uproar and name calling that the DUP would have engaged in had the UUP sought to make such a presentation. hyprocrisy flowing from every orifice”

    No it’s called politics.

  • seabhac siulach

    So much for


    and all the Paisley-ite marching and prancing around outside city hall back in 1985, ulster resistance, etc.

    (And all it took was a seat in the house of Lords for the missus…that’s principles for ye)

  • Yokel


    Ohhhh, ignorant, and you got your best handbag out to deliver that one too. You look quite fetching with that, is it a fake or the real thing? I knwo, how bold of me to disagree with you and how offensive. Maybe I should be shot like many people were and probably will be for disagreeing, seems a good way to go…..

    An emotional aspiration is worth diddly unless it comes into practice…and it isn’t in practice and won’t be for some time. If it makes you feel better Jim to have your emotional needs fulfilled by your view thats ok with me, whatever allows you to live. When people in the North start voting in Southern elections as a complete populous and when its the Revenue Commissoners coming after me and not HM Revenue then I’ll believe you.

  • yerman

    I wonder what hypocrisy we will see from the UUP. Maybe the kind of stuff we heard from Reg Empey last week – one of the very select people who actually used the murder of Denis Dondaldson to say that SF are good partners in Government.

    There is a massive difference between going and speaking to a body and actually sitting on on that body. Its not one the UUP will be able to distinguish, or maybe they will try given their wriggling over the Policing Board.

    “The physical border has been removed.”

    And your point is?


    The way things are going, I may well be voting DUP for the first time.They’ve played a blinder since becoming the largest party in Northern Ireland.

  • Loyalist

    What is really hacking off all these saddo Ulster Unionists is the fact that the DUP can do things that they never could. Why? Because the Unionist electorate actually believes the DUP and trusts them to represent their interests.

  • aquifer

    And maybe the DUP bright young things see joining the parliamentary body as a way of making clear the supremacy of constitutional politics over subversion. But maybe they are not that bright, or that brave.

  • yerman

    “And maybe the DUP bright young things see joining the parliamentary body as a way of making clear the supremacy of constitutional politics over subversion.”

    The trouble is, of course, that the DUP aren’t joining the body. They’re going down to put a presentation to the body.

    If you cant get that point then I’m reminded of Father Ted:
    “these are small, but those are far away.

  • Keith M

    This is a long overdue move. As has been pointed out this is an east-west body, rather than a north-south one and every unionist party should support it in every way, especially after the territorial claim has been consigned to history and we’re close to a royal visit.

  • ct

    In Paisley language then each “never” means about 5 years. Therefore we can expect a DUP/SF executive round about 2018. Can you book that far ahead on Ryanair?