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Welcome to North Report, a tidy looking nationalist leaning blog. Interesting piece on a class action suit being taken against Libya. Urquhart wonders whether in light of the distraction of public funds into fighting a guerilla campaign, whether the local tax payer might not expect some relief from the immense burden of re-building neglected infrastructures.

  • brendan,belfast

    North report looks the part. they have picked up on the Daily Ireland wonderful article on the Morgan / espie ‘dream SDLP ticket’.

  • brendan,belfast

    Sorry, meant to include link – http://www.north-report.blogspot.com

  • John

    The attempt by Parry and others to sue Libya in US courts is an interesting proposition and has received some press here in the US. However, there are some significant hurdles that may prevent them from doing so. They would have to be nationals in order to sue Libya on a “supporting terrorism” theory. Also, there will be difficulties being certified as a member of the class in order to join the suit.