Terrorist watchdog could have Assembly role…

THE ceasefire watchdog – the Independent Monitoring Commission so hated by loyalists and republicans – may have a formal role when Stormont gets going again. Dick Kerr told the News Letter he believed there would be an active relationship between the commission and any Assembly. He said: “It seems both will impact on each other. Two of our four commissioners have a role as ombudsmen, if you will, to follow up on accusations against another parties.” Under guidelines published by the IMC, the powers open to it include excluding ministers or party members and stopping payments to ministers and parties. The same IMC report also observed that party members may also have their salaries stopped or docked “by resolution of the Assembly”.

  • pol

    ……the Assembly was suspended after IRA spying in the Stormontgate affair……

    Started reading the article and the above was the first line. Decided there was no point in going any further.

  • mark

    Well does that mean if the DUP doesn’t engage in democratic structures as endorsed by the people they will be acted against?

    (rhetorical question)

    We all know the IMC isn’t about ensuring all endorse democracy, it is a smokescreen to exclude republican voter’s representatives from government for the benefit of Unionism as needed.

    The DUP don’t do democracy as laid down in law, it’s part of the IMC remit to monitor this stuff…. but forget about it.

    The DUP aren’t potentially fenian and as such don’t have to submit to the democratic will of the people or suffer the consequences for rejecting the will of the people.

    IMC farce. Unless it’s SF then it’s apply their power without proof time.

    Exclude the DUP until they learn the majority voted against them.

  • WestChick

    The IMC has always seemed very biased in it’s monitoring. Hopefully now as it will be in charge of ‘policing’ the political parties in the assembly we could hope to see more even handed treatment of parties. The main stumbling block to any form of devolved government has been the DUP’s refusal to speak to Sinn Fein. Now I’m not a shinner but I accept that they have a place in the future of our six counties so why can’t the DUP?
    If they are happy to deal with loyalists who haven’t made the efforts towards peace that SF have then it’s only just and fair that some punishment be levelled to them