Dead swans in Co Antrim…

Just this morning, on Morning Ireland there was some speculation as to whether bird flu (sound file) would hit Ireland now one suspected case has been confirmed in Scotland. The Belfast Telegraph reports it’s possible arrival in tonight’s issue, when two dead swans were discovered this morning at 8am in the Newferry area near Portglenone.

  • Pete Baker

    That’s four dead swans, Mick.

    But, as the BBC report notes, “12 other dead birds have already been tested and no trace of the H5N1 virus has been found.”

  • Roger Shylock

    Telegraph seems to have quite alot of stuff today on the old birdy flu. I thought this was quite good…

    Bird flu: everything you need to know

  • A few dead birds is nothing new. Don’t see what all the fuss is about.

  • The devil

    I was in the park when a parrott landed on my shoulder asking where the nearest chemist was so he could buy lemsip and hankies. hmmmm i wonder

  • Ricardo

    I blame securo-cats. eh? EH?

    I’ll let myself out . . .

  • Dead swans in Portglenone and a dead parrot in Armagh – we’re all dooomed, y’hear…

  • Yokel

    It was the securocrats that killed them…

  • Pete Baker

    Well.. except that the suspected case in Scotland has been confirmed as H5N1

    That doesn’t mean an epidemic.. but it does provide evidence that this particular strain [but not, yet, a human-to-human transferable variety] is reaching these isles.

  • missfitz

    Swans in Antrim, stool pigeons in Donegal?

  • Bill

    Well it just goes to show once again that nothing good ever came into Ireland through Scotland. 😀

  • WestChick

    If there is an outbreak of Bird Flu in swans, will we be able to cull them as we would other animals? After all in the UK the swans are legally owned by the Queen and killing them is an act of treason, as far as I remember. Any truth to the rumours that big Gerry has volunteered for swan shooting duties?

  • GurnyGub

    Just had an awful vision of some local pols in tights performing Swan Lake….
    I’ll let meself out too

  • harlequin

    I’m very suspicious about the timing of this, coming so close to blah blah blah yawn

  • Michael McDowell

    Why are we not being told the whole truth? Are they mute swans, whooper swans or Bewick’s swans? Anyway, whatever species they belong to, we cannot ignore the vast body of evidence that links them to Sinn Fein/IRA. Rant, rave, snort, drool, grrr

  • Ken A. Biss

    A bird I met in the pub last night was sneezing and sniffling to beat the band. But a fella’s got to do what a fella’s got to do, so I poured a few vodkas and red bulls into her and then took her back to my place to have a hot drink and look at my etchings. Now I have a bit of a running nose myself. Have I put myself in mortal jeopardy?

  • SlugFest

    Ken A. Biss,

    I was that bird … no worries, it’s just a cold.

    By the way, your etchings are crap. and i highly recommend you hide that bedside picture of your mum the next time you have a bird over, or they’ll fly the coop as well.

  • Fowl Play

    Ken A. Biss, let’s hope it goes no further than a running nose and you don’t need a course of flagyl when you get a discharge from the part of your anatomy you (and many of us) do your thinking with. As for the dead swans, pity to see such elegant creatures die prematurely, but there is really little danger to humans as long as the virus doesn’t mutate to a form where it can transmit from person to person. It may never do that, but we’d better get worried if it does. In the meantime, just be careful not to handle birds, dead or alive, with feathers on them.

  • Rory

    The nineteenth autumn has come upon me
    Since first I made my count;
    I saw before I had well finished,
    All suddenly mount
    And cause scatter wheeling in great broken rings
    Upon their clamorous wings.

    I have looked upon those brilliant creatures,
    And now my heart is sore.
    All’s changed since I, hearing at twilight,
    The first time on this shore,
    The bell-beat of their wings above my head,
    Trod with a lighter tread….”

    from “The Wild Swans at Coole” by WB Yeats.

    Just a little bit of propaganda on behalf of the swans, lads. They’re getting a bad press today so let’s not forget that like the “other” community, they’re “not all bad”.