Say hello to the new Chairman.. same as the old Chairman..

Not unexpectedly, despite the previous views of out-going Vice Chairman Denis Bradley, the BBC report that the newly appointed Policing Board has re-elected Desmond Rea as Chairman and Barry Gilligan as Vice Chairman. Btw.. Any word from Reg Empey yet? Update Yes, there is.. [Thanks David] More PA report link added.


  • Ulster Unionist Party statement early this afternoon:

  • Pete Baker

    Thanks David. Some interesting claims in that statement.. Hmm..

  • missfitz

    Just to note that it wasnt a clear run. Pauline McCabe ran against him and it was 13 votes to 6.

    The clear implication on the news was that they were trying to get her elected as a nationalist chairman.

    I dont have any inside scope on it, just what I heard on the news

  • yerman

    I not so snappy, but I suppose genuine attempt from the UUP to dress-up their climbdown.

  • middle-class taig

    Good points, well made by the UUP (albeit at interminable and soporiphic length).

    If the UUP is going to start calling the DUP on its hypocrisy, I’m going to buy me some popcorn.

    Good leadership in a tough spot by Reggie.

  • GWB

    Pauline McCabe is a nationalist?!? that’s real news to me!

  • missfitz

    Oh yes indeed. Very much so, as well. Used to meet her and the hubby at Knights of Columbanus meetings…..

  • GWB

    But she’s english isnt she?

  • missfitz

    She is and has lived here for the past 10 years or so. Married to a man from these parts. Very devout catholics, from what can be seen locally

  • Yokel


    Don’t bet on it.

  • missfitz

    Point taken Yokel. Castle catholic is probably more apt

  • J Kelly

    She was on the Radio this morning claiming that she was looking for the post as a woman who could represent over 50% of the population.

    I seen the current chair having a nice we dig at the former vice chair when he siad that the chair wa=had carried out his duties serving all sides wasn’t representing any political outlook. With Bradleys wish for a nationalist chair and Reas dig last night it looks like all wasn’t that rosy on the board after all. I believe that Bradley and Attwood by making an issue of the chair made it imposible for a national to get it. I suppose a catholic english woman wouldn’t have been a nationalist anyway.

    With a vote of 13 to 6 with the SDLP canvassing hard for a nationalist chair it looks like this board without the UU is heavily unionist.

  • missfitz

    J Kelly
    I thought that her contribution on radio was heavy with sub text. She also said something along the lines of needing a chair that could do a good job, and I thought “ouch”.

    I thought the female thing was a bit disingenuous the way it was put. I am all for women coming to the fore of the political scene, but not “just because its our turn”

    Many of the prominent female appointments we have seen have been on the basis of ability and merit. I thought that this attempt by McCabe smacked of opportunism. If you cant let me in as a nationalist, let me try the woman card. Yeuch. No time for it, and I hope that people can see through it.

  • unionist

    from this mornings interview Ms MCCabes problem appears to be that there is her and no-one like her.