Power of forgiveness…

CHARITY worker Michael McGoldrick, whose son (also Michael), was shot dead by the LVF 10 years ago has died in Moldova. Mr McGoldrick is remembered as a humble man who forgave his son’s killers. “Bury your pride with my son,” he urged the warring sides in the Drumcree parade unrest. A friend of Michael’s once wrote on a website: “Michael still hopes to meet someday the father of the murdered founder of the LVF, Billy Wright – to shake his hand in recognition of a common sorrow, and a common faith in resurrection.” I’m not what you’d call religious, but you have to admire McGoldrick’s faith.

  • DanDaMan

    I remember hearing Mr. McGoldrick’s comments on the evening news on the day of his son’s funeral, and even then as a younger lad, I felt it struck a chord with me. Very sad to hear of his death.

  • Busty Brenda
  • Who

    He lived up the road from me and spent all his time raising funds and bringing clothes etc in a clapped out van to eastern Europe, He will be greatly missed by all.

  • Daisy

    That is very sad news. An amazingly brave, humble man who’s courage and integrity was second to none.

  • darth rumsfeld

    a true Christian, an inspiration and a challenge to us all. One of the few heroes from our wee province