Magill cancels Donaldson ‘Survivor of the Year’ award…

FIRST Donaldson conspiracy theory goes to Harpo, the hardline unionist from Ireland Uncensored (language warning) who reckons the former spy’s death is just too convenient. The Examiner notes that the Magill award for ‘Survivor of the Year’ was cancelled at the last moment. That was spotted by a commenter on El Matador’s blog, where he’s holding fire in the blame game. So’s Pakman. United Irelander is confused, as is Over at A Tangled Web, David Vance wonders if Gerry Adams will be attending the funeral, while Chris Gaskin takes a measured republican line at Balrog. Meanwhile, Donaldson’s current Wikipedia entry blackly notes the state Denis was found in at the end. It’ll be gone by the time you read this…I can’t be arsed trawling the net any more for links, so plonk any new or interesting ones in the comments below!

  • harpo

    Thanks for the namecheck regarding my alleged conspiracy theory. I like to think of it more as an unproven highly likely scenario.

    I must say that I am impressed that the ‘Denis Donaldson’ entry on Wikipedia was updated so quickly. I don’t know that the first thing I would do upon hearing of a controversial death would be to think ‘damn – I’d better get that person’s Wikipedia entry updated ASAP’. Like most people I was trawling around the usual discussion boards looking for gossip and dirt on the circumstances of the incident.

    But hey – I’m sure that the Provo publicity machine has little enough to do these days, and an opportunity like this to get all the loose ends – including Wikipedia entries – wrapped up on the day of the event doesn’t come along that often.

    On the subject of trawling around the usual discussion boards looking for dirt I was disappointed to find that the discussion forum on the Danny Morrison web-site is currently closed down. And I hear that it was closed down a few hours before the murder took place and news of it then broke.

    Coincidence? Scheduled maintenance? Or a deliberate plan to stop the inevitable consequent grilling of Provos on that forum once the news broke?

  • Belfast Gonzo


    Hasn’t your ‘security source’ let you down before then?


  • slug

    Once again we see death to those that would go against Irish Republicanism.

  • sohnlein

    Interesting the the Guardian are happy to lead with the title;

    “In a squalid refuge, double agent’s past finally catches up with him ”

    without as much as an explanation as to how they know that he was a double agent.

    Of course, if indeed he was a double agent, that opens up a real can of worms as to who might have killed him;

    P.S Wasn’t Martin Ingram going around photographing white houses recently…and wasn’t Thomas Slab Murphy found with a shotgun…

  • dodrade

    Could this be an indirect result of the Sunday World story? Revealing his location for all the world to see? Surely they would have known they could be putting his life at risk by doing so?

  • According to Bertie in the Dail this morning he was warned by Gardaí of a possible threat earlier this year, which on the face of it would pre-date the Sunday World, though that’s not 100% clear.

  • Warm Storage

    Bertie’s revelations are a non-story.

    “Garda visited him in the light of the public attention which he’d received and they advised him that because of his circumstances there was a perceived element of threat to his life.”

    Of course Denis Donaldson’s life “could” have been in danger. That’s a no-brainer. At no point, however, did Ahern say that intelligence existed to suggest that an attempt on his life was being planned.

    Yet more irresponsible reportage of this man’s murder.

  • TL

    I like the picture of him on Wikipedia…young and at that point maybe untainted by what would ultimately cause his death. That is probably how he’d like to be remebered.

  • Levitas

    “The Sunday World is a tabloid paper which many people believe sets people up for assassination. Over 20 people named in the newspaper have died in violent circumstance. August 17th had an article by Hugh Jordan in which he poured scorn on the INLA…….” etc etc IRSM Newsletter “The Plough” August 22nd 2003

    Is this true? What is known about this connection between Sunday World and subsequent assasinations? I heard Hugh Jordan’s gruff Scottish accent on the radio this morning and he seemed convinced it was a “republican execution” -how could he possibly know?- and more to the point why is it so obvious to so many “journos” that it was a republican hit, when surely, to echo Michael McDowell the question has to be “Cui Bono” (who benefits?) certainly not Sinn Fein, but does it not perfectly suit the interests of the most irridentist elements within unionism?

  • nmc

    “I heard Hugh Jordan’s gruff Scottish accent on the radio this morning and he seemed convinced it was a “republican execution””

    He also referred to the “so called Peace Process”. Whatever your opinion is, there are people alive today, who would be dead were it not for our peace process. That’s got to be a good thing, and makes it a “real Peace Process”. Yer man’s a plonker. (IMHO…)

  • Stephen Copeland

    Martin Ingram referred to Hugh Jordan earlier today as being quite close to the security forces.

    Maybe ’embedding’ works both ways?

  • Daisy

    I heard Mr Jordan being interviewed on Radio Ulster this morning. He’s adamant that his stating where Mr Donaldson lived was not in any way a factor in this because he’d been suitably vague about whereabouts in Donegal the house was. Talk about Pontius Pilate!

    Once he stated it was West Donegal, it would not have taken even Inspector Clouseau long to track the man down.

    Mr Jordan should be ashamed of himself.

  • carlos blancos

    Its a journalist’s job to report news. There’s absolutely no reason why Mr Jordan should be ‘ashamed’. He did his job, and, might I add, has been a fearless journalist on behalf of the Sunday World.

    Glenties was hardly the most hidden place for Donaldson to locate considering West Donegal is a widely popular choice for holidays among people from all over the North.

    The only ‘Inspector Clouseau’ analysis is that posted above. Assasins don’t reply on the Sunday newspapers to locate their victims Daisy. If only they were that stupid.

  • TL

    If one wants to hide away they should not give interviews.

  • Who

    Is M Ingram releasing a book soon?

  • Dominic McGlinchy

    “Assasins (sic) don’t reply (sic) on the Sunday newspapers to locate their victims Daisy. If only they were that stupid”.

    Try telling me that!!

  • Daisy

    “and, might I add, has been a fearless journalist on behalf of the Sunday World.”

    “fearless” usually means has a screw loose and loves the accolades which follow.

    “Assasins don’t reply on the Sunday newspapers to locate their victims Daisy”

    Do you mean rely? If so, he saved them the bother of doing the ground work.

    “If one wants to hide away they should not give interviews.”

    He didn’t know he was being filmed.

  • carlos blancos

    yeah i did mean rely. well spotted all the sub editors.

    and no, ‘fearless’ means those journalists (few in NI) who are willing to go undercover to expose drug dealers, corrupt politicians, as well as those who don’t take their stories from news wires or press releases (again few in NI).

    i say again; if only murderers relied on sunday newspapers for their information. i think they’d be a little easier to catch.

    and i haven’t checked the spelling on this post. sorry.