Donaldson reportedly “shot dead” in Donegal

Ireland Online are reporting that the former Sinn Féin staff member, and long-term informant, Denis Donaldson “has been shot dead”, but have very few details other than that. But given his most recent, dishevelled, appearance in the media it would be impossible, at this point, to rule out the possibility that he took his own life. And where does this leave the assessment of the public interest in the Stormont spy-ring case? Update BBC are reporting that Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has described it as a brutal murder – RTÉ report here. While Secretary of State Peter Hain is quoted as “completely appalled by this barbaric act.”

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  • J Kelly

    So I do not know who did this but the only one who have denied this are the IRA,has his handlers or any of their allies denied it.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    ‘I see Harpo is a fan of the Princess Bride poision scene!’


  • Baluba

    This is tragic for his family. I hope they get to bury him with dignity and not too much bull-in-a-china-shop media intrusion.

  • Paul

    The Sunday World have nothing to apologise for. The cottage was owned by his son-in-law, DD was socialising in local pubs, he wasn’t exactly hiding out. He wasn’t that hard to find.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Anyone see Daily Ireland yesterday?

    The Donaldson story on page three had an advert for holiday homes in Donegal beside it.


  • missfitz

    I never worked in emergency services here, but in the states the classic execution shot was a bullet to the back of the neck. Classically, with hands ties behind the back as well. The desired effect was to have the bullet just protruing to the front of the forehead without breaking the skin.

    That style of execution was widely used in the areas I worked in all along the East Coast of America, and was very symbolic and potent.

    Sorry if thats graphic, but just making the point that everyone seems to be jumping on the hand as some kind of symlolism, but it isnt symbolic if it hasnt been done before.

    I am not a forenisc expert but have dealt with dozens of executed bodies and results of gang land slayings, as well as simple murders. From that point of informed inexpertise, this sounds more like a clumsy break in and shooting. Passion rather than planning, quick and brutl, not the clean forensic act of the RM.

    Look at the clean up after McCartny and the Northern Bank scenes. Forensically clean. No evidence whatsoever. Down to the point where a report went that the PSNI told a suspect “We have forensic from the hat you left in the house” Answer was “We left fuck all in the house”

    Anyway, sticking to my guns, does not sound like a professional killing and interested to hear the reports later today