BELB accepts new buget cuts

The Belfast Education and Library Board held out against the new budget, and the £6.6million in cuts it contained, for longer than the South Eastern Education and Library Board, but, following a reported ultimatum from NIO Minister Angela Smith, the elected representatives, who all voted against the budget, were today out-numbered by the appointed members by one vote... of course, if they hadn’t been consistently over-spending in previous years those cuts wouldn’t now be imposed. Which may raise the question of whether those Boards were relying on a locally elected Minister, from whatever party, lacking the political will to confront them on such over-spends? Update NEELB yesterday agreed to cuts of £3.9million


  • fair_deal

    Apparently, Naomi Long didn’t turn up for the meeting. D’oh

  • willis

    Don’t underestimate what the Government is doing. Holding on to the past is going to get more and more expensive. Easier not to turn up than to be the only elected representative to bow to the inevitable.

  • idunnomeself

    If she had, then a politician would have to vote for them, or maybe a few would have resigned or abstained.

    Either way they had to set a budget

    What difference would direct rule have made? Would the Board not taking responsibility for their actions be better somehow?