Troops out, mostly…

THE end of Operation Banner, the British Army’s longest running operation, was announced last year, although the Government spin doctors might have thought it prudent to remind republicans of that fact now. What’s new are the details of the ‘normalisation’. So while there will be ‘troops out’ of the People’s Republic of South Armagh (new leader required), it’s not exactly the total removal of the ‘British presence in Ireland’.

  • fair_deal

    “it’s not exactly the total removal of the ‘British presence in Ireland’.”

    As that would mean the forced movement of hundreds of thousands of people it is far from total removal.

  • nutjack

    and if you want total removal, you’ll have to give St Patrick back…

  • Yokel

    There was a British Army presence here before 1969 (I think its a figure of 5000 for the army) and the active military involvement in the insurgency…all they are doing now is bringing it back to that. Of course if serious trouble strikes on the streets they can easily bring those out again and almost certainly those troops left will continue to train for street disturbances should they be needed for example during everyones favorite time of year the marching seasaon.

    The key elements of the military presence i.e. intelligence activities will be left in place, the day that goes theres really a peace…

  • sohnlein

    Slab for the troops out – not such a bad deal.

  • ingram


    Makes me smile when I hear this story being peddled.

    There will be over 5 thousand troops in green uniform and almost five thousand within Sinn Fein/IRA to augment this force if and when dissidents ever get the balls to have a go.

    Pinnochio O`Neil ( P O`Neil) of Thames house London makes clear in his recent press statement that the operation to embarrass Slab was well organised and purposely allowed Slab to run free. The troops wanted to have close observation troops dug in to cut off Mr Murphy and arrest him but those in Sinn Fein who are on good terms with those who plan these missions would not allow it.

    PO`Neil signed his statement using the recognised codeword ” Walter”


  • observer

    another victory for the DUP

  • pakman