Collins sees echoes of McCarthyism in modern Ireland

Writing in his own inimitable way, Jude Collins sizes up the Odyssey complex, George Clooney’s latest production and finds echoes of the McCarthyite era in modern Ireland.

  • Pete Baker


    Third rate hockey players who head the league

    but, actually, I tend to agree with Jude.. not, though, in the manner he probably wants.. let’s bring the charges and all the evidence on those accused.. let’s see them prosecuted in open court and a fair, and impartial, verdict brought.

    Jude doesn’t actually call for that, preferring instead to take the “they’re innocent” route.. and invoke McCarthyism on his his side.. Well.. they might be – innocent that is. But let’s put them on trial and see. Unless, of course, the applecart/process is threatened by an upset if the individuals concerned are put on trial.. in which case it’s not a process worth having.

    The alternative theory is that such charges are being sat on.. for a variety of possible reasons..


  • heck


    put them on trial?

    can’t do that –national interest old chap, don’t you know.

  • Shore Road Resident

    Will be Collins be supporting the judicial process when these cases come to trail? Or that just herald the second chorus of moaning?

    We’ll never know, of course, because Daily Ireland will have gone bust by then and Jude Collins will never be heard from again.

  • Dec

    Third rate hockey players who head the league

    I think Jude would argue, with some justification, that it’s a third rate league?

    As for your other point, trials are usually convened after evidence (not say-so) has been collected. Or have you been reading Kafka again?

  • Shore Road Resident

    I also notice that Collins et al aren’t exactly cheering on the collection of evidence.
    SF made a point of protesting every single search operation undertaken over the Northern Bank robbery – while also screaming “You’ve no evidence”. How do they expect the PSNI to gather evidence? Telepathy?

    Gathering evidence also takes time – yet Collins here, once again, uses the time it is taking to collect evidence as evidence that no evidence has been collected. Follow? No? Hardly surprising – because his position is ridiculous.

    More power to Brian Feeney for having the decency to call this one as he sees it. Collins is just making a fool of himself by following the (present) party line.

  • Pete Baker


    I’m calling for the charges, and all the evidence, to be brought before the courts.. I don’t see Jude doing the same.

  • Rory

    I had never read this guy before. Terrific review of the film (and what a movie – go see it!). Collins certainly has a good grasp of the 50’s and tells well how the movie reproduces the feel of that decade.

    Like others, however, I am less convinced of his grasp of the political nuances of the ‘oughties’.

    Now on general principle I tend to look favourably on bank robberies, after all the banks rob each and all of us every minute of every day of every day of every year. This theft is also illegal but is not even subject to the strictures of regulation never mind criminal prosecution. I constantly appeal to successive popes for the canonisation of Butch and Sundance, but yet so far, to no avail.

    I had thought that any observers with a modicum of wit would have recognised the Northern Bank job for what it was – a necessary redistribution of funds that was too embarrassing for government to be associated with, that was then rather spoilt by over zealous policemen, a category that government paymasters had always formerly thought they could rely upon.

    Still, perhaps it all demonstrates a PSNI willing to apply law objectively regardless of the pressure of the government of the day. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  • Harry Flashman

    Tell us more Rory, how exactly do you remember how it felt to be in the US in the 1950’s?

    Anyway that aside I think viewers should at least be warned that “Good Night and Good Luck” may accurately reflect the fashions and mannerisms of the 1950’s but when it comes to the actual facts of what happened it’s, oh how shall I put it? I know, complete bollox.

    For a start there was nothing remotely imaginary about the communist spying network, it was real and existed (at this point heads explode as one of the founding myths of post 1960’s liberalism is proved to be utterly untrue). McCarthy did not just create the red scare out of thin air, he actually – contrary to what Collins writes here – had evidence, tons of the stuff. The Verona decrypts showed that since the 1930’s the Soviets had implanted a high level influential spying ring right in the heart of the US political and military establishment.

    Right in the heart of the Manhattan project there were Soviet agents diligently supplying atomic information to their handlers in the Kremlin. Why should anyone have difficulty believing this? We know that the British secret service was rotten to the top with Soviet spies, no one could possibly deny that, well, guess what? It was the same in the US. Given that this was the case why shouldn’t an American senator ask questions about these shocking egregious breaches in US security? Remember these Soviet agents were not starry eyed youths caught up in some radical chic, they were mature individuals who had decided to betray their own country to the Soviet Union which was led by one of the most psychotic, paranoid, barbarous, genocidal butchers ever in history, Josef Stalin, they supported this fanatic knowing full well what his crimes were.

    These spies were right at the top of the US government, Alger Hiss, assistant secretary of state under FDR was a Soviet spy (this would be as shocking as learning that Paul Wolvowitz was an Al-Queda agaent), Harry White, assistant secretary of the treasury was a spy, despite warnings from the FBI about his activities White was retained by Truman and became head of the IMF. Incredibly Harry Hopkins FDR’s personal envoy to Churchill was also a spy. FDR’s vice president from 19940-44, Henry Wallace, who once said “America’s main enemy was Churchill” and who sided with Stalin in his siezure of Czechoslovakia and opposed the Berlin airlift was a Soviet agent, the Vice President for chrissakes! And let us not forget the Rosenburgs right in the heart of the US atomic weapons research lab.

    There were hundreds more, Joe McCarthy spent three brief years from 1950-53 investigating this massive security breach. Joe McCarthy had bugger all to do with the House UnAmerican Activities Commission (he was a senator) which investigated Hollywood and the mythology of which will not die yet. First of all there were communists in the media, of course there were, agents of influence were always manipulated by the KGB. Anyone who doubts that need only examine Hollywood today, anyone seen a Republican or Conservative there lately, nope Charlton Heston don’t make movies anymore and Arnie’s in Sacramento, it’s a clean sweep of hard lefties there now.

    One of the so-called blunders made by McCarthy and supposedly exposed by Murrow is the case of Annie Lee Moss, a black woman who worked in the Code Room of the Pentagon. When questioned by McCarthy’s committee, she hammed it up wonderfully, playing the simple black washerwoman being bullied by nasty rich white men. “No suh, I dun know nuttin’ about no Communists suh”. Curious really as she worked in the Code Room and had to be of a very high intellect. She had been “absolutely” idenified by the FBI sources as a Communist, (not hard really as the party newspaper “The Daily Worker” was delivered to her home). Anyway, Moss let it slip during the hearing that maybe the good genl’mun had made a mistake, there were three Annie Lee Moss’s in the Washington phone book. Murrow used this as damning evidence against McCarthy in his “See it Now” broadcast and the senator was made to look like a fool.

    What Murrow didn’t do was open the actual Washington DC phone book – so much for investigative reporting. Moss was lying, there was an Anna Lee Moss and an Anna Moss, but only one Annie Lee Moss, living at 72 R Street SW., Washington. The precise address where Communist Party records listed “Annie Lee Moss” as a fully paid up member. Moss was a Soviet agent sitting right dab in the Pentagon Code Room!

    No folks there were no Reds under the bed, they were in the freakin’ bed! They were in the bathroom, downstairs in the kitchen and they were going through the family mailbox at the same time.

    So enjoy the movie for the atmosphere but just remember that throughout you are being lied to. It makes superb left wing propaganda but don’t let them insult your intelligence.

  • missfitz

    I contest your statement that McCarthy had nothing to so with the HUAC. McCarthy became chairman of the GOC (Government Operations Committee)in 1953.

    As chair, he worked with HUAC to convene the hearings which ultimately disgusted the public, leading to his humiliation and he died in disgrace in 1957.

    Sounds to me that there is an element of the recent wave of McCarthy apologia about what you have posted and I think we should work to keep the facts as we know them, straight.

  • Stephen Copeland

    Harry Flashman,

    Posted by Harry Flashman on Mar 24, 2006 @ 03:43 AM

    Tut, tut. Shouldn’t you at least admit the source of your post? Otherwise its simple plagiarism.

  • mark


    You seem to misunderstand or deliberately ignore one central element of the judicial process.

    The police present a file to the prosecution service who make a decision on bringing a case to court based on the evidence and likelihood of conviction.

    You seem to infer that the absence of a case is always due to an absence of will to prosecute . You overlook the other more usual possibility – that there is no evidence that warrants a trial or the evidence is unlikely to lead to conviction.

    Calling for prosecutions if valid evidence exists is an entirely valid stance. Calling for prosecutions, as you do, on the basis of rumour and media hype is an exhibition of exactly the kind of behaviour Jude raises.

    You may assume evidence is being sat on and call for prosecutions. Fortunately for the rest of us and the prison population your and most other’s assumptions are given exactly the weight they deserve – none.

    The one thing you don’t raise as possible is there is no evidence and to prosecute would be completely immoral, costly and futile.

    Court cases aren’t designed to clear the air.

    (but then you knew all this)

  • Harry Flashman

    Stephen Copeland

    You will point me to the portion of Kevin Myers’ article which mentions the Annie Lee Moss incident or which mentions Harry Hopkins or which mentions Vice-president Henry Wallace coz I’ve checked it out and I don’t see any mention of these things at all. So kindly take your accusation of plagiarism and eat it along with large quantities of humble pie, and in future try playing the ball instead of the man, ok?

    (Incidentally I would have no problem attributing my sources to Myers if he had been the source, unlike the bien-pensant lefties so prevalent here I admire Myers dogged style of writing and his lack of fear when it comes to challenging politically correct dogma.)


    Yes there has been a recent reexamination of McCarthy’s role and why not? Is that not the purpose of historical research? Or do you believe that any old myth which props up political viewpoints should be accepted without question.?

    I, like most people, received my version of the “McCarthyite witchhunts” from Hollywood and the liberal media. I happened to read further about it a year or two back and discovered that 99.9% of what I knew was wrong. The 0.1% I got correct was that in the 1950’s there was a US senator called Joe McCarthy, almost everything else I thought I knew was utterly and completely false.

    Are you challenging the existence of the huge Soviet spying network? Are you denying that many on the American left, in high positions of influence in FDR’s government were in fact in the pay of a foreign power? A foreign power which in the 1950’s was one of the most brutal on the planet and which was gobbling up nations and enslaving them all over the globe. This murderous regime was backed by bankers, politicians, scientists, musicians, screenwriters, soldiers, statesmen, actors etc. who knew full well the nature of Stalin’s Soviet Union but who nonetheless conscientiously set out to assist him and to betray their own country.

    In such a situation you will forgive me if I find it slightly ridiculous that a US senator who wished to expose this rotten conspiracy is now held up as the bad guy.

  • Yokel

    Analysis of Jude’s comments…he’s talking bollocks but is a clever small business man..write your articles to fit with what your paymaster wants…I can’t for his next articles suggesting the 11th July bonfires have origins in the Nazi’s book burning bonsires of the 30s…bless (pats Jude on the head)

  • Rory

    So membership of the Communist Party is a betrayal of one’s country if one is a US citizen. Why then was the Communist Party legal in the US if was deemed prejudicial to the very state itself? As Kurt Vonnegut Jr. recently related in an interview on BBC Radio 4, it was common to have a Socilalist Party and a Communist party presidential candidate during the thirties.

    It could well be argued that membership of the Republican Party is inimical to the well being of the American public or that a subscription to The Daily Telegraph or having a collection of the writings of Kevin Myers indicated that a person was hell-bent on the continued exploitaion and dupery of the great majority of people.

    Still you gotta admit all the very best people – Harry White, Harry Hopkins, Alger Hiss, Dashiell Hammett – were Reds. Makes me feel all warm in side just recalling their names.

    P.S. Aren’t you just really glad that Old Moses Heston is no longer making movies? No? Oh, well, each to their own.

  • DK

    “Now on general principle I tend to look favourably on bank robberies, after all the banks rob each and all of us every minute of every day of every day of every year. This theft is also illegal but is not even subject to the strictures of regulation never mind criminal prosecution.”

    Er, banks are very heavily regulated by the FSA in the North and IFSRA in the Republic. And what exact robbing do they do? Charge for an overdraft? Charge for using their services? Pay you low interest? In case you haven’t noticed, all the banks are in fierce competition with one another for your money, as are the Building Societies and Credit Unions. If you don’t like your bank, change. You might as well complain that your corner store is criminal and illegal because it charges 50p for a pint of milk while you can get it from Tescos for 30p.

    Also the lovely bank robbers tend to kill, injure and traumatise people they come across. Are not involved in a “necessary redistribution of funds”(they keep it). Also, how does the bank get it’s money back – through an insurance claim and charges which eventually filter back to . . . you. So the Robbers have ultimately robbed you.

    A bank is an option. You don’t have to use it, but if you do treat it as a service and pick the best one.

    A bank robber is something that you have no control of. I’m sure you’d view them in a less than rosy light if one of them injured you or a relative while trying to enrich themselves.

  • Harry Flashman

    Yes I can understand how you could feel all warm and fuzzy about the Communist party Rory. I mean it did such a fantastic job in fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of ordinary working people around the world, not like those beastly capitalist nations like the US or Australia which had to rely on gulags and censorship and secret policemen and arbitrary arrest and mass murder to attain the highest standards of wealth and health for ordinary working men and women.

    Ah, the commies doncha luv’em? Sure, one and a half million Ukrainian peasants had to starve to death but look at the marvellous grain harvests that resulted. . .er, ok, but they did such a splendid job of reorganising the Red Army by massacring all those pesky officers in 1937 so that when their allies the Nazis attacked them in June 1941 the Red army was just waiting to kick them right back to Berlin by August. . .er.

    They brought fundamental freedoms to ordinary people, you know like the right to vote, which no one else in the world could do, hey what odds if they were only allowed to vote for the Communist Party, and they had right to religious freedom, as long as they didn’t actually believe in God of course and they had total freedom of expression as long as they didn’t criticise the Communist Party then they might have to join their twenty million compatriots in a Siberian gulag.

    Just imagine while all this was going on there were brave American movie actors and directors in Beverley Hills who courageously put their lilihoods on the line in the fascistic hell that was FDR’s America to support the Communists in their marvellous work, jeez it makes ya kinda proud doesn’t it?

    I can understand Rory why the Communists give you such a warm fuzzy glow, I mean they’re such lovely people aren’t they? I mean just ask the poor people of Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania and other places about how much they miss having the Communists telling them how to live their lives.

    Tell me, Rory, how can you bear living in this dreadful, nasty, oppressive regime today? Does your heart soar at the thought of leather jacketted Stasi thugs smashing down doors at four in the morning? Do you wish that you too could be in a Lubjanka basement having your fingernails torn out? Maybe you want to be the guy pulling out the fingernails, I know that’s what secretly motivates most geeky little nerds who long for the days when acne faced beaurocrats got to define how society was run.

    Fear not however, Rory, there is still a little corner of the world not yet contaminated by democracy and freedom, a beacon on the hill, where Stalinist apparachiks still get to order about their slave population and the supreme leader still reigns absolutely. I’m sure Kim Jong Il would love to have you on his team and Pyongyang is so nice at this time of year.

    Hey, what’s stopping you?

  • Rory

    I don’t go to North Korea, Flashman, because I feel no need to and besides I would have difficulty mastering the langusge and I do so love the craic.

    Instead I wait here quietly for the ompending collapse of capitalism. As that won’t be a pretty sight, I shall, perhaps fortunately, be dead by then. But I suspect you may be young enough to live to witness it. Watch you, then, in quiet dread as the warning signs become increasingly portentuous.

    P.s. The point about the banks is not that they charge interest and other charges, it is that they all continuously and quite illegally overcharge and since they all do it together there’s not a damned thing anyone can do about it.
    I am also quite sure that the banks have caused many hundreds of thousands more deaths than were ever taken in the course of all bank robberies ever. Didn’t you ever read “The Grapes of Wrath” in your schooldays?

  • DK

    “P.s. The point about the banks is not that they charge interest and other charges, it is that they all continuously and quite illegally overcharge and since they all do it together there’s not a damned thing anyone can do about it.
    I am also quite sure that the banks have caused many hundreds of thousands more deaths than were ever taken in the course of all bank robberies ever. Didn’t you ever read “The Grapes of Wrath” in your schooldays?”

    Jaysus – your dredging up US banks from the 1920s! I thought you were referring to banks here like, y’know, the Northern that was robbed by the crusaders for the little man (still waiting for my share).

    Back to the overcharging – change to a bank that charges less or, like many, not at all. Just look at the high street – for a supposed cartel they sure don’t act like one. And it is not illegal to charge for a service – what law is broken? The law that says “banks should do everything we ask and not charge” – there is a term for a bank that would do that: bankrupt.

  • Harry Flashman

    Ah yes Rory, the historic dialecticism that decreed that capitalism would be consigned to the dust bin of history due to the inherent contradictions in capitalist society, Karl Marx wrote that in 1848 was it? How’s his prediction held up since? Hmm, well let’s see, the Communists have transformed from idealistic youths to terroristic butchers to beaurocratic overseers of slave socities to sclerotic geriatrics administering a kleptocracy before finally collapsing in ignominious defeat, not looking so good is it?

    I mean the Chinese are pretty clever people, when they took over Hong Kong alot of people assumed they would impose Maoist teaching. Didn’t quite work out that way did it? Seems like they took one look at the accounts and decided that “Das Kapital” and “The Little Red Book” were going straight into the dustbin of history.

    But hey, feel free to wait another millenium for another terribly clever pointy head to come along and work out a better way of organising society than through free association, rule of law, property rights and the right to free expression and conscience. These have only been the best guarantors of individual freedom and the advancement of humankind in history so far but why stick with them?

    By the way, see the nice fancy computer you’re using, d’ya think the Commies invented that?

    Seriously though Rory, why are you such a fan of Communism? I mean I presume you don’t believe that the horrors of the gulag and Mao’s Cultural Revolution and Pol Pot’s Year Zero are just western propaganda, so why are you such an opponent of the system that – for all its very many imperfections – has without doubt produced the greatest uplift in human health, wealth and happiness in the history of humankind? Why are you such an opponent of free markets, democracy, religious freedom and freedom of the press?

    You know you can say what you like about missing the craic but people risked torture and death to escape Socialist paradises in East Germany, Cuba and Vietnam, so why do you not do as they did and flee to North Korea? If the system is so bad here you’d jump at the chance. Your refusal to do so smacks of the fact that you know in your heart of hearts that free market, liberal democracy is the best option by far in the world today.

    I ask these questions in all seriousness by the way. I have to go to bed now (I live on the other side of the world) but I look forward to hearing your reasoned discussions.

  • lib2016

    Those damn commies – just as well they were around to do the fighting in WW2 while the Bushies were trading with both sides.

  • missfitz

    Hang in there Rory, I am off to the conference in Queens on identity, and I wish I had time to flesh out a repsonse to Harry Flashman. In fact, it’s going to bug me that I cant, because some of his arguments are spurious in the extreme. McCarthy died a broken man, but he took a lot of people with him.

    The fear of communism was rooted in the threat it posed to equality and capitalism, in much the same way socialism was utterly feared in the ROI in the 50’s (Noel Browne)

    Anyway, enjoy the debate lads!

  • Mal One

    Jude is revisiting a theme he has previously expounded on in his DI column. A person (republican) is innocent until proven otherwise and who could disagree.
    As examples Jude cited Gerry and the IRA, the IRA and the bank robbery plus Slab and his activities.

    What a pity his employer does not have his high moral or journalism standards. Recently the DI on its front page effectively accused the UDR/RIR of multiple murders. Two that I remember from the extensive list were; Rosemary Nelson and the Dublin /Monaghan bombings.

    Evidence? no problem …sure the dogs in the street know. Therefore, it must be true.

    Now if Jude’s reasoning is good enough for Gerry and Slab it is surely good enough for the UDR.

  • Rory

    Och, ’tis mad youse all are. Of course communism will win out. I was reminded only the other day of a quote from some old wise bird – damned if I remember the name – who said “There are many more dead people than living ones. And their number is increasing”.

    The equality of the grave claims us all and, whatever all its many weaknesses and grotesquerie, mankind aspires ever upward towards the godhead, and the free and easy social/economic order of a communist society must inevitably result eventually from the hell that the inevitable collapse of capitalism must bring.

    The capitalist order is based upon greed and greed, as lust, as anger is insatiable. It has no capability of fulfillment within itself.

    No serious economist or political economist argues otherwise. The terrible misreading and even greater misuse of Francis Fukiyama’s “The End of History” which embarrassed him (but which he expected)cannot stave of the inevitable.

    A thinking outside the box of materialist self-interest (enlightened or any other flavour) might assist in future dialogue. But as Doris Day famously sang : “Oh!, the Deadwood Stage is a comin’ on over the hill”.

    Gotcha there. You were all waiting for “Que sera, sera”. Sing it for yourselves.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    lib2016: “Those damn commies – just as well they were around to do the fighting in WW2 while the Bushies were trading with both sides. ”

    Point of fact — PRESCOTT Bush was trading with both sides… George H. W. Bush was piloting a bomber in the Pacific… I torpedo bomber, iirc, perhaps one of the worst jobs, since low, slow and in a straight line was how they had to make their attack-runs.

    As for the commies, did they not make several deals with the Nazis, prior to the great sucker-punk in 1941 — split up Poland, you take the Baltics — all so cozy until Hitler lost his nerve on invading England and Goering proved he didn’t understand how to wage air war.

  • lib2016

    The commies did indeed have a peace deal with the Nazis, just as the British did. What’s that got to do with who eventually did the fighting?

    Without taking away from Bush Pere’s heroics the family did play both sides against the middle.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    lib2016: “Without taking away from Bush Pere’s heroics the family did play both sides against the middle. ”

    Just giving credit where credit it due… Both the Bushes and the commies sought to play both sides.

    Then again, JFK lost his cush Naval attache position in Washington when he couldn’t quit dancing horizontally with a (female) Norwegian reporter suspected of being a Geramn intelligence asset, or so the story goes…

  • (continued)

    A good portion of the Commies were Jewish. It is truly lame-brained politics in the land of the free to send an Irish Catholic Senator against a group of Jews, DUH!!. Enter Roy Cohn as his committee counsel, brilliant, ruthless, and uh ……..Jewish. It was feckin’ brilliant.

    The rest is history. Joe, Roy, and the committee hounded, baited and harassed their way through the mid-fifties, made a noun of McCarthysim and enshrined Joe’s name as the tagline of the era. At the same time none, zero, zip, nada of his targets ever did time beyond the first appeal. He got butkus. But then why the hell not? Well DUH!!, most of the Commie subversives were off the board before Joe began the crusade. It might be the last time the FBI didn’t need a proctologist to find it’s head.

    OK, that’s the thumbnail of the history of the era, warts, farts, scabs and all. America is more like Doc Holiday than Jefferson or Washington and always has been. Get used to it.

    Obviously neither the North nor the South of Ireland has anything remotely near the McCarthy climate today. Collins, not to mention the Minnesota gaffe, does not know what he is talking about. But then he doesn’t have to because how would any of his readers know?

    What both the polities of Ireland DO have is a culture of bombast. There really isn’t much happening on the island after the Coronation Street reruns are over and the media feels your pain. Crikey, if there really was that ocean of adrenalin awash on the island portrayed by all the “unionist fury” or “republican outrage” that I see in the island’s media, you’d all have endocrine glands the size of coconuts. I’ve been there; you don’t; so give it up.

    What you DO have is an improvement on McCarthy’s technique of getting dirt into the public discourse. McDowell got the equivalent of the FBI “raw case file” from his Gardi and fed it, not directly into the Dail, but to his cronies in the media. The media published it, prompting a convenient question in the Dail which McDowell was good enough to respond to. That is a closed system. Man oh man, it is such a beautiful scam. He’s done old Joe one better and is definitely one to watch. Great job Mikey, you’ll go far, the island’s really punching above it’s weight here.

  • Why did God create houseflies and trolls? Neither the trolls above nor Jude Collins would recognize Tail Gunner Joe if he took a bite out of their asses the size of a garbage skip.

    I watched the Army-McCarthy hearings on LIVE TV. I wondered it Mommie was a Commie while watching “I Led Three Lives”. I remember that climate of fear. I was there while the rest of you bozos were either in day care (if it existed) or a spark in Daddy’s eye.

    Firstly, Jude buddy, McCarthy was the junior Senator from WISCONSIN. The WISCONSIN of the Green Bay Packers, the beer that made Milwaukee famous, and Oskgosh bygosh. Head north and turn left at Chicago. I can find my way around the Gaeltacht but you knuckleheads couldn’t find your buttocks with both hands. Get a GPS ferchristsakes.

    Secondly, Joe McCarthy is the symbol of a dark era in our history AND was perhaps the most tragically wasted intellect of the Fifties. It’s not all black and white. The man was knockdown brilliant, making it from failed chicken farmer in 1929 through ALL of high school, college and graduated from law school in 1935, do the math Sluggiepoos. None of you could do that, ever, period, full stop, finito.

    He was a fighter. As an airedale intelligence officer in the Marine Corps, he was stuck sweating under the palms at Henderson Field and could have spent the war in rum-soaked comfort. Instead, he talked his way onboard as an observer/gunner on SBD-5 (read that ancient sitting duck) bombing sorties against the Japanese defended by those lovely wee Zero fighters that the nice folks at Mitsubishi made before they sold you your tellys. Trouble was, he later tried to jack up the number of sorties to puff his campaign publicity. This was another facet of the tragic flaw: he never let the truth get in the way of self-promotion and publicity.

    He beat Bob La Follette, our home-grown socialist, using the campaign technique which foreshadowed his red baiting: A full-blown donnybrook style of slash and burn campaigning that paid little attention to the niceties of the truth but was very effective in swaying backwoods public opinion. The guy took on every contest as a bareknuckle knockdown, dragout fight taking no prisoners. Think Lee Atwater and Willie Horton adrift in Mayberry. This is another part of the tragic flaw: He didn’t know when to turn it off.

    He devoted his time in the Senate trying to obtain housing for the returning veterans. Housing was one hell of a problem just after the war. We were two families with returned veterans living in Granny’s two bedroom house a couple blocks from the Boise-Cascade millpond at the time so you get the idea. Problem was, this goody-goody stuff, while helping his fellow veterans, didn’t get him the publicity he wanted. So we lived with Granny for a while after Joe got inspiration from above.

    Joe was a practicing Catholic but had the class to be a low key one, quite unlike the current bunch of two-faced bastards that run this country. This was perhaps the only moderated part of his personality. Enter the Fr. Walsh from Georgetown University and a dinner in 1950 with Drew Pearson’s attorney and another guy at the Colony restaurant in DC. Joe was looking for a hot issue he could uses instead of housing that would put him on the map.

    There were currently a couple of Cardinals in the Commie slammer behind the Iron Curtain at the time which had the Vatican on the warpath. The Catholic War Veterans and the Brooklyn Tablet chimed in and were also raising hell about the Red Menace. The good Father suggested that combating Communism, especially exposing Commie subversives in the government would be a headline grabber. That was a pregnant moment.

    OK, Joe had the idea but he need a facilitator. Enter J. Edgar Hoover and the famous FBI “raw case files”. Read that as malicious gossip and neighbors having a stab settling grudges. Hoover had been red-bating ever since the Red Scare just after WWI. He may have picked up a snazzy frock or two during the twenties and thirties but he never left his first hate, The Godless Commie Menace. Joe got the files directly from Hoover on the QT. It was a marriage made in heaven since both were publicity hounds of legendary proportion and Joe had the persecuting resources but not the investigative ones.

    There was a climate of fear operating at the time, exacerbated by the 1949 Russian A-Bomb, the Alger Hiss trial that made Nixon famous and the Rosenburg trial that made Roy Cohn a rock star. At the same time there was a cottage industry of retired or ex-FBI agents authoring hearsay, red-bating hit pieces of which “RED CHANNELS” was an example.

    Make no mistake about it, Joe Stalin was brilliant in placing Commie spys in our government, it’s just that they were cleared out by the time Joe McCarthy punched in. However, bare knuckled bruiser to the end, that didn’t deter our lad one iota. (continued)

  • Shore Road Resident

    Don’t worry Jim, now that Jude knows McCarthey was a practising Catholics, he’ll be in Daily Ireland next Thursday defending the senator and accusing George Clooney of bias.
    At least, that’s a fair prediction on past form.

  • Harry Flashman

    Well, what can one add to Smilin’ Jim’s contribution? Nothing, so I won’t.

    But lib2016’s fatuous remarks cannot possibly be let stand. I have found that when one asks a misty eyed lefty about Communism they always say “Ach sure didn’t they win the Second World War?”, it’s as if that’s all they’ve got, so if Adolf hadn’t invaded what would there be to praise the Commies with?

    However in answer to the question whether the Commies won WWII the reply is a resounding “NO!” in fact they almost singlehandedly lost the Second World War. The Russians won the Second World War, through massively courageous fighting, it is their eternal misfortune that they happened to be ruled by Commie nutjobs or they’d have beaten the Germans before the US even got in after Pearl Harbor. If you ascribe the Russian victory to the Communist party then I assume you’d also say that the British Conservative Party won the Battle of Britain because they were in charge then, right?

    To compare the shameful Munich deal with the heinous Nazi-Communist Pact is simply to stand history on its head. The Munich deal was not an alliance, the Munich deal did not guarantee that in return for allowing Hitler to take the Sudetenland then France and Britain could invade some other countries they had their eyes on, the Munich deal did not mean that British and French factories and farms would supply the Wehrmacht as they ploughed through Europe.

    Come on Commie lovers, don’t be so shy, you’ll gloss over the gulags and the Ukrainian famine, come out and be proud that your heroes agreed to carve up Poland between them and the Nazis (and then subsequently massacre the Polish officer class) as well as invade the Baltic Republics. Why be so coy about the fact that as Nazi Panzers surged east in June 1941 they passed Russian trains packed with the produce of the collectivised farms and factories as they rolled west to supply the Germans? All free gratis and for nothing Adolf, a gift from yer oul’ Uncle Joe, jeez those Commies, great guys altogether!

    Of course the Nazis were able to punch seven types of sh!te out of the Red Army because instead of being staffed by officers and NCO’s etc they were packed with Communist Party aparachiks who had never seen anything more dangerous than a desk in the Minsk Collectivist Water Plant. Once they’d gone through the gulags and dragged back to life the proper soldiers who hadn’t actually died in the magnificent Red purges then and only then did the Russians have a chance.

    It’s all in the history books folks, don’t take my word for it. The Communists as well as being the biggest mass murderers in history by far also were the most incompetents soldiers. I thank god for the mighty Russian fighting men but I scream in outrage that the were led by Communist clowns.

  • DK

    Not forgetting the Soviets relied on the USA and the UK & Commonwealth (esp. Canada) to supply them with essential equipment. Like more than half of their trucks.

    I wonder why Jude doesn’t like the Odyssey – it is an example of a millenium dome done right. I can’t understand why he might not like a non-sectarian sport that is popular with the masses: surely that is a very good thing in our divided society. Never mind that W5 is world class too.

    Also, maybe Jude should look a little closer to home if he wants to see an example of a paranoid leadership rooting out subversives (“are you now, or have you ever been a memeber of the British intelligence service”)

  • lib2016

    Harry – Those ‘communist clowns’ were Britain’s gallant allies when she needed them, just as wee Norn Ireland was. Britain like other countries has a way of dealing with allies who outlive their usefulness.

    BTW Nearly every resistance movement worthy of the name was communist led. That didn’t happen by accident.

  • DK

    “BTW Nearly every resistance movement worthy of the name was communist led. That didn’t happen by accident.”

    Oh please! Check your history. In WW2, they were a variety of ideologies – e.g. the Polish home army, eviscerated in the 1944 Warsaw uprising. Post WW2 the resistance movements depended on who they were resisting. So you get Mujahadeen in Afghanistan, and Shining Path in Peru. You also get exceptions – such as the IRA who were resisting a non communist power and.

  • lib2016


    Thankyou for pointing out the blindingly obvious. I had thought we were dealing with WW 2.

    How did I get sucked into this? Me – who hates all WW2 obsessives, especially including all BBC Controllers of Programmes!

    Would you all please consider this as my personal surrender. I agree with you all – whatever you say. I give up! For me the war is over!

  • Harry Flashman

    Aha, ve haff victory! Quite right lib2016, us WW2 obsessives do go on a bit don’t we?

    Not sure about your assertion that the Commie resistance movements were the most effective though, they usually spent most of the time fighting their ideological enemies rather than the Germans or Japs, qv the Greek Commies, the Yugoslavs, the Poles, the French, Mao’s mob and the Huks in the Philippines… aw there I go again, I’m like one of those lost Japanese soldiers in the jungles of the South Pacific fighting on in the 1970’s long after everyone else has moved on, banzai!