Strained logic of homeland security?

This week Danny Morrison recalls his former illegal forays into the United States with the then MP for Fermanagh South Tyrone Owen Carron. He notes the irony of the fact that back then he wasn’t allowed in because he was in Sinn Fein, later, even after the Belfast Agreement he couldn’t get in because he wasn’t in Sinn Fein.

  • Pete Baker

    “That seems about right.”


  • TL

    A good chuck of the ‘second tier’ of the terror watch list is filled with people that oppose the administration or that the Bushies see fit to punish.
    I get the ‘special’ treatment every time I fly. Typically I sit in the airport with all my bags emptied out as they swab items for explosives. Last time they tested EVERY item in my make up bag…they examined my tampons of heavens sake (sorry boys,) when they are done they walk away and I have to shamefully repack. It takes forever.
    At any rate, I have done nothing to deserve a place on this list except be a member of a ‘targeted’ yet legal and reputable organization and work at every turn to oppose this administration. Something that used to be tolerated when the US had real democratic values.
    They were sending a message to GA, it was about shame and harassment, not homeland security.

  • Shore Road Resident

    Danny Morrison complains about being interrogated…

  • mickhall

    Good article, especially the punch line at the end and the photo of Gerry Adams and George Bush jr. TL you are absolutely right much of what happens at airports is a continuation of politics via homeland security etc.

    The point about such petty harassment is you could never prove the official is doing anything wrong. What I hate when such things happen is when they tell you they are just following orders/doing their job.

    I have no doubt when they are wasting their time winding up people such as ourselves, a real threat to the general public and country is in all probability walking by freely without being stopped. Or in the case of the Talaban in Texas, are being escorted through immigration to a waiting government limo.

    Best regards.

  • TL

    That has been one of my arguments about the spying of the NSA…they are wasting their time reading my f’n email while someone really dangerous is planning something evil.
    Well, atleast I can rest easy knowing Gerry is in front of me on the terror watch list, if only because his last name begins with “A.”

  • Busty Brenda

    So Danny Morrison lied about his identity, and then expects us to believe him when he flew out and said the columbia 3 were eco-tourists?

  • TL

    I glossed over DM’s ramblings and took the point of the article to be how silly it was for GA to be at the Whitehouse and then getting ‘detained’ at the airport… that being said the article is valuable.

  • Pete Baker

    “that being said the article is valuable.”

    Only if Danny’s paid by the word.. hmmm.. that would explain the rambling..

  • TL

    HAHAHA, ok Pete you are correct for DI, I meant valuable for discussion here on Slugger.

  • Rory

    Oh dear! A “Brendabuster” must by now be a more effective weapon than a “barrackbuster”.

    I ain’t fighting with you, gal.

  • ingrammartin


    Adams is/was/remains a Terrorist. He is on the USA Terrorist list for a reason and even when he becomes the Irish president he will still have all the old baggage.


    PS Busty Brenda ? Eh are you Willie Frazer?

  • Rory

    I thought the idea of Morrison’s “illegal” forays into US territory amusing given that practically all forays into the many and different areas of land that now styles itself the USA was ever illegal. Small wonder that Zionist Israel carries on with its murderous expansion knowing they have the support of the masters of the art.

  • andy

    Out of interest are there any republicans you respect?
    (genuine question)

  • untermenschen

    DM is a blatant propagandist.
    Nothing wrong with that, I suppose.
    Lets just not pretend he is anything more than that.

  • TL

    Being a propagandist actually sounds like a fun job. I wonder if it pays well.

  • afoolishplonker

    Comments policy: “We request that anyone wishing to leave comments refrains from posting material which is abusive……..”

    People get banned. Posts get removed. The mods and Mick just let that plonker Ingram print his foolish ramblings everywhere.

    (I assume my language about Ingram is as acceptable as his. I look forward to seeing if the new found love of free speech and ending of the comments policy extends to all of us or just a British agent)

    [See note below from Slugger Admin below]

  • elfinto

    Out of interest are there any republicans you respect?
    (genuine question)#

    I suspect that the only republicans who Martin respects republicans are either dead or in prison. And himself of course!

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    I was just about to take the thread off line and comb it of the several ad hominems I’ve just seen at first glance ‘foolishplonker’: ie when I have some ‘spare’ time after dinner.

    Sadly I can’t yet make a living simply by sitting watching out for miscreants on Slugger all day!!

    There are two sides to this problem.

    One, people (Brenda!!) should keep away from Ad Hominem attacks in the first place. That is people should take responsibility for their own actions.

    Two, if you see an Ad Hominem attack taking place, – then let me know! You can complain here as well if you like but if I don’t know about it, then I can’t remove it!

    It’s not that I’m concerned about the legal aspects. Best practice only requires me to remove it after a formal request. But ad hominems just ruin debate – full stop!

  • ingrammartin


    Michael Collins.

    Francie Hughes.

    Bobby Sands.


  • mark


    The problem is with people reducing debate to the lowest common denominator by peppering legitimate postings with pointless childish abuse.

    It stifles debate and puts off people that enjoy the forum Slugger’s provides but are of a mindset that finds name calling pointless, off putting and futile.

    I would have enjoyed contributing to numerous threads over recent weeks but once you start reading the comments it becomes clear that the threads are being destroyed by those that cannot articulte their ideas without resorting to ad hominem attacks on individuals and intellectually weak abusive assaults on organisations they clearly have personal problems with.

    You are a prime example. The content is often legitimate, sometimes interesting, the sprinkling of abusive is unnecessary and drives away contributors, like me, who are generally above such juvenile behaviour.

    Clean up your game, play by the easily understood rules and your contributions will be better and the overall tone and direction of debate will improve. You may also engage others.

    Or just carry on and you’ll find that those with a certain level of maturity and manners will just continuing ignoring your valid elements because of the tendency to step into the equivalent of playground name calling.

    You are by no means the only or worst offender and it comes all political affiliations and none.

  • Even unemployable architects form Saudi Arabia can blind side the FBI. (The feds screw up the spying and we do the dying. Not a bad job if you can get it.)

    So the propaganda mastermind of the most proficient terrorist organization in the world is outwitted by F(BI) Troop?

    Firstly, I would not brag about being led down the garden path by Gomer Pyle.

    Secondly, this guy is now a convicted felon. Our turf, our rules.

    Get used to it.

  • ingrammartin


    Quote”You are by no means the only or worst offender and it comes all political affiliations and none

    Taking into account your last post, the only person you take issue with here is me.Why is that ?.

    You have not made any post previously or indeed any comment about the individual who is a convicted criminal and who in his Daily rag piece admits to more criminal acts. I suppose you have no issue with that?

    If you are the sensitive sort mark grab a large Horlicks and off to bed you go, with your comic.


  • untermenschen

    We are supposed to forget DM’s past and some of the reprehensible things he did and/or gave his support to and just read his little column as though it came from a completely neutral standpoint.

    In fact, now that I think of it, read it just as Danny would like us to.

  • TL

    Slugger Forums run the route I’ll tell ya…
    Sometimes it is like being at a lecture on a college campus, others it is like having a debate in a pub. I personally enjoy them both but I see where others would not.

  • Mick Fealty


    I don’t see anything in Mark’s post that I can’t agree with. He may have picked you out because, as he says very clearly in his post, there are things you say that are engaging. They just go down the Swannee when they are followed up with needless jibes.

    He’s also been absolutely explicit that there are self evidently others who have been worse.


    Can we just stop playing silly games. I’ve just spent twenty minutes cutting into this thread in hopes there the important points people have made would become more visible when I’d finished.

    Whatever your private view of the way I do things here on Slugger, I’m only interested in culturing intelligent arguments, not winning them. We’ve had some excellent ones recently but far too many bad (sometimes downright embarrassing) ones.

    But to be honest, I don’t want to have to spend my evenings policing the quality of the arguments here. Please, please guys, whatever your politics, just make the best possible case you can.

    If you raise your game, others will have to reciprocate.

  • untermenschen

    So, as my previous post was removed, I’ll ask the same question in a more direct manner.
    Is Danny Morrison guaranteed a place for his column on Slugger every week?
    If so, why?
    It certainly can’t be because of the quality of writing or the floating of any new ideas by Mr DM.

    Or is asking such questions out of order as well?

  • TL

    Danny Morrison holds no golden place here, of that I’m certain. However, love him or hate him he is the voice for a great many people. We’ve called him a propagadist, which I will continue to say is true, but lots of people believe in what he has to say. SO when he writes his views are worthy of examination as they speak for many people. He also writes of current issues, which is what we like to talk about, right?
    I don’t know, maybe I’m full of it, but that’s my two cents.

  • andy

    Thanks for answering the question.

    I was also kind of thinking of a guy known as “the surgeon” from South Armagh who, in Toby Harnden’s book Bandit Country, an SAS man shows some grudging respect towards.

    Its always interesting to see which, if any, of their political opponents certain individuals respect. Ernie O’Malleys thoughts on the UVF of the twenties (he felt moved by their sense of commitment)in his book “On Another Man’s Wound”, was, I thought, indicative of the nature of the guy himself. It takes a higher calibre of individual to respect their opponents.


  • Mick Fealty


    I don’t recall why I pulled it – I might have cut too widely. But you can certainly ask. The answer is no, he’s not. He wasn’t in last week, and he may not be next week.

    For what its worth, I liked his telling of the story. And people need to hear each other’s stories, whether they are convinced by them or not. Rightly or wrongly, I take it as read that our readers understand that Danny comes with his own particular brand of convictions (eek, no pun intended Dan!).

  • untermenschen

    Thanks Mick.

  • The Devil

    Dear Mr Ingram,

    You listed Michael Collins as one of the few republicans that you respect, just for future reference the only documented case of Mr Collins engaged in firing any weapon was at Beal na Blath west Cork August 1922. I believe you will find he was shooting at republicans…. hmmm errr maybe today they would be better known as dissidents