NI link to assassination of Lebanese PM…

THIS is an odd one, but sure… The woman suspected of financing the assassination of ex-Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri had a British passport issued by the consular office in Beirut (you can see part of it here, though a Brazilian police source claimed it was fake) – with an address in Northern Ireland. Rana Koleilat was reported to have attempted suicide in her Brazilian jail cell earlier this week, although the name on her passport was Rana Klailat. There’s little doubt she travelled extensively, but I wonder if she ever made it here…

  • Pete Baker

    Well, Gonzo, there is a long tradition of NI residents using false passports for perfectly legitimate reasons.. at least that’s what some would have us believe..


    On a more serious note.. there is certainly a very professional group of forgers here, schooled in creating such false identities.. or it may just have been that the address was chosen because it was unlikely to be checked.. for whatever reason.

    *wanders off*

  • Lurker

    She’s what we call some cutty.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    If I was a suspected financier of a terrorist conspiracy to murder a foreign prime minister, I don’t think I’d pick a Northern Ireland address for my passport, fake or not.

    Sometimes it arouses suspicion – just ask Gerry Adams after his latest US trip! :o)

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    Interesting. Do you also know that prince alwaleed of saudi arabia…the major stock holder of citi bank is looking into being the PM of Lebanon because his mother was from the country.. Yep…and Citibank was used to funnel money to two of the highjackers of 9-11…. Bush is friends with the royal family of saudi arabia and bush is using lebanon to get at syria.