If you were there, what did you think..?

DUP and UUP representatives have complained that yesterday’s Council-funded St Patrick’s Day event in Belfast wasn’t welcoming for unionists. The punters interviewed here feel differently, and the Council hailed it as a success – although the freezing wind probably kept the numbers down in chilly Custom House Square. I’d be particularly interested in hearing from any Protestants or unionists who attended the Belfast event, maybe for the first time…Highlights: Seeing an impromptu Irish dancing session by some 10-year-olds to the tunes of the Ulster Scots Folk Orchestra; bumping into a few old friends; the involvement of non-Irish cultures; a fairly respectable number of non-white faces.

Lowlights: the bitter wind; the millie wearing the ‘Brits Out Now’ headband (does that include St Pat himself?!); the lack of other ‘fringe’ events or stalls. A burger van doesn’t really count!

And is it just possible that there were more event monitors than unionists in Custom House Square – I know I got approached by interviewers twice in 10 minutes! :o)