Former spy “wants to be left alone”…

THE Sunday World has found Denis Donaldson living “the life of a recluse in the hills of Donegal”.

  • alfredo

    after living the treacherous life of a double agent for the best part of two decades denis ‘garbo’ donaldson’s assertion that there was no spy ring and that his arrest and the discovery of british papers under his bed were all part of a securocrat plot to rescue david trimble from having to share power with sinn fein must be taken seriously – anyone who thinks that twenty years of betrayal, lies and deception of his closest comrades means that denis’s word on this matter, or indeed on anything else, should be doubted is probably a secret securocrat sympathiser motivated by a mindless hatred of our great and beloved leaders (who has recently suffered the indignity of a six hour train journey instead of a 90 minute flight thanks to the same securocrats!) – and any resemblance between what denis says truly and really happened in stormontgate and the spin from sinn fein hq is of course entirel coincidental!

  • ingrammartin

    No need to worry for Dennis!

    The way things are going Dennis and Freddie will be welcomed back into the broad Republican family soon. The Republican communities of Belfast are slowly coming to terms with the extent of the problem and only last week Freddy was having a new SECURITY fence built at the rear of his family home, I suppose to reassure him on his expected return back home.

    I heard from a good source last week that Sinn Fein were preparing a welcome home party for the exposed and “quiet” function for those that are still in the shadows.At the same time in an adjoining room they will be measuring R/C PSNI recruits for their new police Uniform.

    How times change!No running water Eh Dennis, why not have a word with Gerry, maybe he can lend you his Donegall gaff for a few weeeks.

    Have a nice weekend .


  • topdeckomnibus


    Do you think that the sabotage capability, part of the original Garland Plan, was ever developed into what would be a weapon system ?

    IE A capability which would have to be declared and decommissioned under a peace agreement ?

  • ingrammartin


    100% mate?

  • topdeckomnibus

    100% ?

    I am 100% certain that sabotage occurred.

    But I am not certain of the motive or of the motivator if there was one.

    But if you are making peace with a former foe it seems reasonable to ask, as part of the process, “Was it you”

    This was a point General De Chasterlain, as I understand it, made to the Northern Ireland Office.

    Connected with this was the matter of the Unlawful Drilling Act 1819. Which makes it an arrestable offence to conduct military operations without Crown or Secretary of State sanction.

    If men had been arrested under that act (as they were) how then can they go on to escape General De Chasterlain’s inquiries … on the basis that security forces were excluded from his terms of reference ?

    Surely they would need to have been acting with Crown Authority to make that armed activity conduct as security forces ?

    But if they were breaking the 1819 Act then surely they had put themselves beyond the protection of acting as members of the security forces.

    The alleged saboteur, whose activity featured in Gen De Chasterlain’s report, was an associate of one of the men arrested inder the 1819 Act.

  • topdeckomnibus

    Belfast Gonzo

    I am English. Things done in Ireland were done in our name. Some of us want to know what went on in some aspects of this, against this background of spies, assets and sources.

    Our interest is to whom Kent Police were issuing firearms certificates

    With particular reference to the 6th Thanet Gun Range at Birchington. This was a range planning consented at .22 in 1972. It was on land the freeholder of which was Corpus Christi College. I understand that, at one time, through the help of Lord Selborne that the college availed land for special forces training such as wartime SOE.

    However by 1995 the college seemed more than anxious to get this range’s range safety permit revoked.

    If the range was consented at .22 then how were firearms certs for calibres like 9mm issued against its membership ? For 23 years.

    In these matters I am interested in how it could be that inquiries made of me by Kent Police may have been requested directly by a Sergeant at the then HQ of Army Intelligence at Ashford.

    These inquiries directed at why I was asking questions.

    I was asking questions after the arrests of 21 members of the local territorial army under the act I mention for allegedly doing unlawful armed missions into Ulster and Ireland.

  • Busty Brenda

    The sunday life paper claims that KF was given the money to buy infra red units-which military jamming devices could not block out – in NY. this is perhaps the reason they could not be bought at Maplins. KF gave the money to the kilkeel provo, (whose pic is on Martin Ingrams blog and reproduced in the paper), who was then tracked by the FBI. After he posted the stuff to Ireland and gone to ground, the FBI traced him to an address in NYC where he was pressurised to become and FBI agent but he refused. He, the kilkeel provo was then held in a NY detention centre until september when an IRA ceasefire was called.

    since the meeting between KF and the kilkeel provo was taped, why the paper asks was he allowed to send them (the infra red units) back to Ireland?

    Not an unreasonable question. any answers martin?

  • ingrammartin

    Not an unreasonable question. any answers martin?


    So they could be intercepted and “Bugged” this is called running with the prey. Will ring Kev to ask though.

  • Busty Brenda

    How could they be intercepted in the post?The Kilkeel Provo also posted them to the republic not NI, so where the gardai involved? The Kilkeel Provo, (JM) named on your blog posted them over from NY.

    This guy (JM)broke his cover to meet with KF, was that the motive for the operation- to out this guy?

    This seems to be the only reason why this could go ahead since there is nothing else in this operation for the security services. Why did they want him so badly to go to all this trouble?

  • ingrammartin


    Quote”How could they be intercepted in the post

    This interception would be after he posted the goods. The target would have been under surveilance and if that failed for what ever reason Fulton had had given him the address to send them too, Morgan knew through his previous Bomb building work alongside Fulton the Address anyway.

    Post man Pat, Post man Pat and his black and white cat early in the morning just as day is dawning. Dont you just love your cuddly postie.

    Let us not forget the Book Unsung Hero is due out next month on the shelves. KF deals with all these issues in it. No doubt many of the Blogging committee will need an advance copy to prepare their defence. Please contact me for free copies and post man pat Video.


  • topdeckomnibus

    Riding his blade ?

    I thought “Running with the prey” was something else.

    But feel better that there is apparently some jargon for it.

  • For those that are interested, or, indeed, may need to get the excuses in order, Fulton’s book comes out on the 24th;

  • topdeckomnibus


    I think I will read it.

    Busty Brenda doubted one of my accounts because I stated that a person did duty weeks of 143 hours.

    So we do see “From little know much” on threads.

    But from the little I know, so far, the story is rather akin to that of Airey Neave (see story of nurse who worked 143 duty hours)

    Colour blind Neave escaped from Colditz in the wrong colour German uniform. Leading to his fairly immediate capture. Whilst his escort was distracted by mirth at the colour of the uniform Neave had fashioned, about two minutes, his by now eagle eyes spot a flaw in the hun defences to be exploited on a later occasion. To whit a wicket gate to freedom.

    He returns to UK with this account, which is readily believed, and he is made head of MI9 ….

    So the story here is that a young man is discharged from the British Army because they suspect he has republican sympathies.

    Apparently he was discharged before he did his “Army and the Nation” classes as he emerged thinking the Prime Minister has a power to sanction killing. And he had no concept of the duty to disobey unlawful orders.

    The IRA, impressed with the Army Discharge CV credentials, take him to their heart.

    In time, to buy credibility, he helps develop modulated infra red triggering technology for the terrorists.

    And you found the claim that Matron McGill did 143 duty hours per week a bit problematic BB ?

    Have I got the story right here ?

  • Busty Brenda

    MI lol I like your poetry. But since the book is not out yet can you say whether or not the purpose of the op was to out JM? Or was it to stamp authenticity upon KF? Or both? Could this not have blown up in KFs face (no pun intended) as the breaking of JMs cover could point to a compromising of Fulton. Tell us !!

    As to the book will kevin be doing any signings lol. How about a book launch at Culturlan or SF/MI5 HQ in west Belfast?

    TopDeckOmnibus, I have never had any problem with any of your posts, perhaps that was when the names were all mixed up, and it was someone else, as it is not familar to me. Infact I have been to read a lot of the stuff you pointed in my direction regarding the care homes. Hope this explains things.

  • Busty Brenda

    top deck, sorry, i thought you were refering to airey the whole way thru, but since reading again you are not, its KF you are refering to. I am sorry I do not know the full details of KFs history, so I am not in a position to say, I am going on an article in todays sunday paper re fulton. thats about it.

    as to the matron working 143 hrs, that is not familair to me, i do not remember questioning that, so perhaps that was during the posting mix ups, so unfortunately i cannot answer that. i am not aware of any issues i have had with you, i certainly had no problem with what you claimed, altho i did register shock at some of your claims, that does not mean i doubted them or disbelieved them. certainly not. infact i doubt i could be doubtful of any claims made by anybody now. hope this clears things up.

  • ingrammartin


    Quote”as the breaking of JMs cover could point to a compromising of Fulton. Tell us !!

    Well it did not help. The IRA did use this against him durring his interogation. In my opinion the Handlers took a ” Big” risk approaching Morgan at the time they did. That said not in possession of all the facts so can not answer for them.

    As for the book launch. I understand he is at Eason`s O`Connell street Dublin on the morning of the 1st, he travels over on 1205 Aer Lingus into Dublin the day before and is staying in the Grafton. Any fans in the lobby will not dissapointed with his good looks and natural charm. I understand a coach load of his former friends are travelling down from Newry and Dundalk for pre launch drinks. Not sure if James Morgan can make it but he will not be short of company.

  • Busty Brenda

    April 1st. I’ll definitely be there. Any room on the bus?

    Thanks for the heads up!!

  • ingrammartin


    topdeckomnibus only.

  • Busty Brenda


  • topdeckomnibus

    Busty Brenda

    The last time, I like to think, that I was smug enough to judge instead of bearing in mind.

    In 1971 the Head of Eynsham Hall Police Training College Oxford accused me of having been “Cross posted” from Army special forces into police.

    I was posted, against my will, direct to a rural beat as part of what was described to me as Home Office interest in stress effects on constables … what was then called “Canteen Mafia”

    So this was the basis for the unique posting and responsibility I had so young.

    On July 14th 1971 I received a letter from the Home Office inviting direct reporting on any matters on that rural beat which might not otherwise “Come to light”. By which I inferred the Home Office regarded itself as the “Light”.

    On taking up the posting we went to measure up the police bungalow for curtains and met my predecssor Pc Page. The bungalow had underfloor warm air heating and, whenever Page walked past one of the floor outlets his voice would disappear whilst he continued to mouth the words (like the comedian Les Dawson)

    When asked eventually why he did this he informed us that the bungalow was bugged … microphones in the warn air system.

    And when we drove away I said “No wonder they are posting him”

    Then I decided to find out about the other police on the area. The Cavendish Pc had also not been there that long. His predecessor had his resignation forced.

    What had happened is that he apparently did not feel he was being bugged. But he felt that police surgeons were lying about a poor prognosis for his wife’s pregnancy. The week baby was due he was sent on a residential driving course at a Home Office Training centre … and so sent his wife to live with her parents. Where off area she had a perfectly healthy baby.

    On return from the course the new dad found a posting order … to single mans quarters Newmarket. Reason .. a married quarter on a rural beat was conditional on the wife providing a phone answering service in the officers absence.

    Opposite the Sue Ryder Home a womens stillbirth group had rented a cottage to pursue some interest they developed into the extremist catholic activities of Sue Ryder … I think into catholic adoption.

    I hope I learnt never to assume coincidence and never to assume significance and never to assume conspiracy. But never forget …. in case one day it falls into some sort of place.

    I find the Kevin Fulton story just a tad unlikely.

    But I am thinking about the inconsistency it might reveal.

    On the one hand the IRA is supposed to believe that this guy has learnt technology empirically .. and do not have suspicions about how he acquires knowledge ?

    Then the technology is availed to the IRA who avail it to terrorist groups across the globe ?

    I think that is the story ?

    If I have grasped it then I think a reasonable question is this

    Why doubt that sabotage techniques were taught worldwide then ?

    Let us just consider a simple one … nobbling the diesel transfer system of an emergency backup generator. Either the diesel will pump continuously and overfow (Twin Towers) or it will not pump at all and the backup will run for about twenty minutes until its local tank supply runs out (twice at Guys Hospital)

    Is it that if sabotage is mentioned it is scoffed at and if bomb is mentioned it becomes plausible

  • heck


    I have read a few of you postings and I have’nt a clue what you are talking about.

    Can some one else enlighten me? I am completly lost.

  • topdeckomnibus

    I do not know if the reference to Donaldson as “Garbo” refers to “Garbo” the WW2 agent. Pujol recruited by mi5 officer Cyril Mills (son of the circus owner Bertram Mills).

    But I very much doubt that his story is the full truth of the D Day deceptions.

    Just try going to the PRO and trying to find out about the Luftwaffe pilot (and jet engine designer) Werner Bartells .. or the role of Leonard Cheshire and a few others betraying bomber streams by illicit use of IFF radar.

    Some secrets it seems stay secret … but others get a publisher ?

  • Comrade Stalin

    topdeck.. this is a discussion/blog about Northern Irish politics. You appear to be referring to a domestic or national political issue concerning England or the UK. Would you care to explain what you’re playing at ?

  • Busty Brenda

    Top deck, i understand what you are saying, that some stories which are far fetched get believed while others don’t, and you are asking why is that? Why would KFs story be believed (the bombs etc) while yours (the sabotage) does not.

    I cannot answer. In this case (KF)and this is an assumption on my part, is part of a bigger picture that has come to light about the activities of the IRA over this last 30 odd years, whilst the other story of the sabotage, doesn’t seem to be part of a bigger picture. Thats not to doubt it, it just seems to be the way it is.

  • topdeckomnibus


    I make no effort to conceal my identity.

    I transferred early from the Army to the Long Term reserve in 1970.

    Initially I was going to work for RCA at Orford Suffolk for USAF (engineering)

    I ended up, however, joining Suffolk Police.

    Then came the absurd accusation that I had been cross posted from special forces and the posting I described.

    On 22nd January 1972 I was appointed HM Coroners Officer for the death of Matron McGill at the Sue Ryder HQ Cavendish (the care home matter referred to ….

    I resigned the police in April 1972.

    I suffered a “Medical accident” which killed me for thirty minutes on Dec 7th 1972. I was given cardiac massage etc during this thirty minutes … and I emerged with an IQ of 146 … so assume that I did not get cabbaged.

    In 1975/76 two matters arose at a DHSS benefits office where I worked. The Panorama programme about poor care standards in private care homes and a sophisticated fraud on DHSS blamed on IRA.

    Hoping to exploit this situation, to pursue justice for Matron McGill Decd, I tried overtly to get access to the Ministerial inquiry report which arose in 1972 from the Matron McGill death.

    Not surprisingly I was then threatened with charges under the Official Secrets Act.

    Then Frank Swift, a trades union leader and UK leading communist, hinted to the Civil Service Commission that I would not be needing legal aid for my defence. I asked Frank to do this.

    And I sat back bearing all this in mind just in case I ever identified a man asking questions.

    On the basis that questions can be more revealing than answers.

    Two suspects as men asking questions about why the Soviet might fund a case which made activity at the Sue Ryder Homes a Court issue …. emerged.

    One in Suffolk.

    One in Kent.

    I then wondered what I might find out about the Kent suspect. And I found that he met in a secretive cell which called itself “Unison”. And I found that he was in the Territorial Army REME but apparently serving only at the HQ of Army Intelligence Ashford.

    Also in this secretive group was the militant chief shopsteward of a backup generator manufacturing company.

    In 1985 the TA man transferred into a TA unit at Broadstairs.

    In 1987 I was working as the field service colleague of the backup generator man and I was in the same TA unit with the other one.

    In 1987 21 arrests occurred in that unit (the subject of my question to Martin above) … and after the decision not to charge them … an Ashford sergeant requested that I be interviewed by DI Rogers of Kent Police. It was when he interviewed me that he asked why I had been asking about (Airey Neaves paramilitary recruiter) Colonel Robert Butler allegedly of the insurrectionist Unison Group.

    Same principle Heck … the question being more informative than the answer.

    Airey Neave being one of the MI6 founders of Sue Ryder Homes.

    In 1989 I contracted at Plessey torpedo factory in Gwent where Special Branch suspected sabotage.

    I found that the problem was a wrongly wired factory corrupting the test and quality control regime. But this enabled me to meet Plessey security man Mike Rootes who was a Regional Crime squad man investigating Sue Ryder and leonard Cheshire Homes for aliens and GP death reg malpractice in 1972.

    The RCS sgt in charge of Mike had died permanently (suicide verdict) in 72 round about when I died temporarily.

    Heck …. yes all because I took an oath

    “To use all skill lifelong to pursue justice faithfully unto law”

    The oath of a constable.

    And I would not obey the DI who tried to get me to stitch up the McGill inquiry by destroying the forensic and omitting to call for photos of marks and bruising.

    I just had no idea where the lifelong use of all skill would lead …

    But the use of skill in 76 seems to have worked as in 2001 (when I submitted the matter to European Court of Human Rights) I revealed to the Attorney General that assessments to the media by “Intelligence experts” were not true.

    They told the media that they had long known the McGill Decd case to be subject of a third party conspiracy.

    And I told the Attorney General No it was just me and Frank Swift making it up.

    Still clear as mud ??

    I was happy to be nothing in life Heck right up till powerful people acting above the law decided to make me nothing.

    It may be just one life. One Quaker nurse who died. But it is my duty to get her justice.

    It can only end three ways

    I unswear my oath

    I die

    I discharge duty to Judge in Open Court.

    Some things have to matter.

  • ingrammartin


    Quote”explain what you’re playing at ?

    You slow muppet.You got your answer now respond.

    Aaaaaagh Martin

  • alfredo

    why do i get the impression that topdeck forgot to take his pills today?

  • topdeckomnibus

    Busty Brenda

    I think the sabotage is part of something very big.

    Under Treason Law it is an offence to maintain silence of a suspicion (up to 1998 such silence was punishable by death now it is life imprisonment)

    The Chief constable of Kent, Michael Fuller, refuses to sign that there were no acts in Kent intended to weaken or tend to weaken the ability of the realm to resist an enemy.

    Actually his solicitor replied “I am unable to answer”

    You will gather that unable to answer is not an option available under Treason Law. He must either investigate or state that no treason occurred.

    I have spelt out before what the stakes are.

    You can check out on web for yourself Plum Island, Dounreay, Fermi Reactor USA, Chernobyl. Backup generator failure incidents which caused nuclear disasters and a nigh release of ebola virus.

    If in July 1996 the IRA mains electric attack had gone in (pre emtive arrests arose from Broad Oak sub station canterbury) then the means to distribute electrical energy collapses.

    The nuclear power plant go into shut down.

    This relies on backup generators which, if they fail, cause the plant to go critical about four hours after the grid collapse.

    The sabotage done of backup generators was indiscriminate. Many have turned up on NHS hospitals.

    I do not know whether the 3 Dounreay failures (5 billion nuclear clean up) were due to sabotage. But I do know that the Scottish Energy Minister called for a report from me … and then called in UKAEA Police.

    One thing I seem to notice on Slugger is an assumption that British security is competent.

    The UKAEA Police reported whatever they reported (I dont know) to Mike Smith Head of Nuclear Security at DTI. He designates sabotage as not a security issue. It is, he argues, a Health and safety issue. The Nuclear inspectorate says no .. it is an issue for the industry and the police.

    And the police say it is a trading standards issue until they are challenged in Treason Law and say they are unable to answer.

    Defence Select Cttee say that matters of homeland security are for home affairs.

    Home affairs say that if it is amatter of Health and safety investigation it is works and pensions.

    Then last year (the day Maidstone Hospital genny went down during the election campaign) Tony Blair wrote to me …. to say he had ordered that day that copies of my reports be sent to the NI Office.

    As you know I set up the website to get Kent Police to sue me.

    Just give me a Judge.

    Special Branch protecting Airey Neave and Co charity care homes from police inquiry, corrupting even sudden death inquiry, nobbling officers ?

    Then another apparent asset or link to Neave, Unison group, and another police no go area

    Even when the stakes get as high as they can go.

    I am not talking bang and a dozen people die

    I am talking bang and the country goes on three century nuclear set aside.

    And no I am not joking.

  • Paul

    Airey Neave, MI6, nursing homes, matron please, Dounreay, rifle ranges in Kent, TDO, see your consultant tomorrow.

  • Jo

    Am I the only one to think that someone here has lost the plot? Pity b/c I didnt read the SW article…

  • Paul

    Jo, I believe “delusional disorder” is the medical term.

  • Busty Brenda

    MI what do you think of the torture chamber found near slabs gaff, lucky your mate kev didn’t get to visit that place eh?

  • Fenian Bastard

    WTF is this about….some sort of disgruntled ex squaddies acronym-off..

  • Busty Brenda

    whose the ex squaddie? i thought topdeck was an ex peeler. But then who gives a flying f**k

    BUT just so as i stay on topic, isn’t that a nice little gaff denis has? drawing water from the well, and chopping firewood and all. all he needs now is some plants and a bit of thatch and he can be the quiet man.

  • ingrammartin

    Busty Brenda,

    Quote”MI what do you think of the torture chamber found near slabs gaff, lucky your mate kev didn’t get to visit that place eh?

    Be careful ! the committee will be on soon asking for evidence.Poor Tommy and Paddy just good old Republicans as Gerry would say. Of course Gerry say`s he is not in the IRA, that said he also said Tommy was not a member of OPEC either. Of course now we know Sheik Slab was into the Oils we can now explain his trips to Lybia on false passports a few years ao, it is all simple,what do you think topdeckoftheminibus?


  • Busty Brenda

    ‘Be careful! The committee will soon be asking for evidence.

    Good, because its all over the sun newspaper, with stains found all over the walls and floor which they think is from victims and they are hoping to identify the victims through the stains.

    So theres the evidence. Can u tell us thru any of your sources (scap) was this where the tortures took place?

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    ‘Good, because its all over the sun newspaper,’

    Sweet Jesus H Christ, when the site starts to attract Sun readers you know it’s time to take a sabbatical.

  • Busty Brenda

    I didn’t read it, I saw it with the story all over the front page in Easons!!! Do you have any doubt about its veracity? If so take it up with the editors. If not have a nice time on your sabbitical.

  • GurnyGub

    Who needs The Sun? This thread is leapin’ all over the place. Great. Still, Donaldson could get himself a dodgy generator, and away we go again!

  • Busty Brenda

    Gummy I see more on the Fulton connection to the infra red stuff in tonites telegraph.

    Nice little house like that for denis is great. No joy riders, no anti social elements, no drunks coming home singing in the wee hours, just peace and quiet. A bit like the good life, all he needs now is a few chickens a cow, and some corn.

  • ingrammartin


    Quote”Nice little house like that for denis is great. No joy riders, no anti social elements, no drunks coming home singing in the wee hours, just peace and quiet. A bit like the good life, all he needs now is a few chickens a cow, and some

    Feck me, even Fulton`s got a better deal than this, he should contact the chief secretay to the touts Union( CSTU)and complain after all with this guy`s luck he will end up with Bird Flue.


  • Paul

    I’m pretty sure I recognise the cottage in the Sunday World and if I’m right it’s just a couple of miles up the road from Gerry Adam’s and Brian Keenan’s weekend retreats. I can’t believe they haven’t run into each other.

  • Busty Brenda

    I am told where denis is -is called ground zero.

    The phone number for the touts union is

    0191261855 Monday to Thursday 7 – 10pm

  • Busty Brenda

    Isn’t Brian going into the big house soon?

    The big house called the JOY

  • ingrammartin

    The big house called the JOY


  • Pat Mc Larnon


    it is you who stated that a Sun story constitutes evidence, such moronic judgement is pathetic..

  • Busty Brenda

    Haven’t you gone yet on your sabitical? If you have an issue with the sun story and doubt its truthfulness or authenticity, I would advise you to go to the editors. The readers are not responsible for content. The evidence I pointed to is that the story was in the paper and ‘out there’. You don’t like that, try taking 2 years sabitical, or longer.

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    ‘So theres the evidence.’

    So there’s your own post, it was your statement, although given the attention span of the average Sun reader you’ve probably forgotten what you wrote.
    BTW the moniker is perfectly understandable now.

  • ingrammartin


    Pat, had better get used to more bad news, cos it is coming whether he likes it or not.


  • Paul

    You’re right Pat, the Provos were strictly Geneva Convention types, they never tortured anyone and so would have no use for such a place, well hidden in S. Armagh. Nor are they now involved in any type of criminal activity. B.B could you please get a grip of yourself, maybe TDO could send you his tablets if he is not taking them.

  • Busty Brenda

    Pat,bad average attention span or good at least I read, and I read that ‘evidence’ is one or more reason to believe that something is true. Obviously the exsistence of the chamber/room is evidence to the editors or they would not have published.

    If more reports emerge I hope you have a tissue ready to wipe the egg of your face LOL, but then denis is enough egg on the faces of shinners, with or without slabs mates room of horrors LOL. Perhaps you can tell us where it is.

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    you wrote ‘Pat,bad average attention span or good at least I read, and I read that ‘evidence’ is one or more reason to believe that something is true.’

    Yet in your 4.06 pm post you wrote ‘I didn’t read it, I saw it with the story all over the front page’

    Which is it did you or did you not read it?

    ‘Obviously the exsistence of the chamber/room is evidence to the editors or they would not have published.’

    Yip, you got it there, no way would the Sun (with it’s history of analysis and truthfulness) print a crock of shit.

    ‘with or without slabs mates room of horrors LOL. Perhaps you can tell us where it is.’

    You really got me cornered now.

  • urquhart

    Was it just me, or did anyone else who read the article think that the cottage he was found in, far from the ‘hovel’ they described, looked like a pretty nice spot to get away from it all?

    A B&B for those who want to extend their peaceline experience perhaps?

  • Busty Brenda

    ‘I didn’t read it I saw it with the story all over the front page’

    I didn’t read it (the sun) I saw the first page and read the article the whole article for which I sneaked a peak at the inside page also, concerning the chamber/room whatever. Have I spelt that out clearly enough for you? Good. Next time you are in Easons you can see for yourself how many others do the same.

    As I said before, if they have printed a crock of shit, in your opinion – then contact the editors and tell them so.

    ‘you’ve really got me cornered now’

    Good. Now put on your dunces hat pat LOL

  • Glen Taisie

    ADAMS KNEW!!!!


  • pol

    Doctor here:
    I will be around later to collect urine samples.


    I always suspected you were just here to take the piss.