Bad week for Sinn Fein in America…

PERHAPS not the best St Patrick’s week for Sinn Fein in America. Just to recap… There was Adams and Co’s extended security screening at an airport (leading to missed flights and lost luggage); there was something of a split in the Irish-American lobby; and there was the threat of legal action in America by the Rafferty family. That’s not to mention the private meeting with President Bush that didn’t happen and the continuing ban on Sinn Fein fundraising in the US meant the party had to hand back $100,000 to those who paid to have breakfast with Gerry Adams. In the background, there was the Atlantic interview with Kevin Fulton. Time to blame the neoconcrats? No doubt Mitchel Reiss will be smiling wryly over his cornflakes. Jim Dee hears a more positive spin from Sinn Fein in Daily Ireland.

  • lib2016

    Can you try and keep it down to one smear at a time, please? Constant repetition, particularly of so many points in the same thread doesn’t make for much of a discussion.

  • Fintan, Portlaoise

    It must give great pleasure to Bin Laden and co to know that these guys Homeland Security drones are just doing it by the textbook, which they seem to have difficulty in reading without moving their lips. Shouldn’t they be looking for real threats? Does anyone believe Gerry Adams is going to hi-jack a plane? Of course, it must be admitted that he does have mnore than a passing acquaintance with terrorists. After all, he had just come from a White House party hosted by the biggest terrorist on the planet …

  • Reader

    Fintan: Homeland Security drones are just doing it by the textbook,
    They probably have ethnic quotas to meet these days, following earlier accusations of racism. Stopping chuckies who have at least been on the list at some point is probably a better bet than just stopping random palefaces.

  • New Yorker

    A bad week and many more bad weeks ahead. What will be remembered was the attack on Mitchell Reiss. Not only was it incorrect it showed the stupid arrogance of the attacker. In the Irish News article cited, there is not really a split, Senator Kennedy is the undebatable voice on Irish issues in Congress, Jim Walsh is an obscure House member. Irish Americans are generally behind the PSNI and see it as a way to deal with the political violence and criminality in NI. We had several criminal justice experts on Patton. There is not excuse for not endorsing the PSNI, except if you are pro criminality.

  • Comrade Stalin

    New Yorker, agreed completely with your points. Adams’ attack on Reiss was a rare slip of the mask – it seldom happens – I suspect he is feeling the pressure.

    I am not clear about Irish Americans supporting the PSNI; as far as I can tell congressman Peter King certainly does not, and I most recently remember him for trying to stop the PSNI from training with the FBI – perhaps he has changed his tune for the better.

    We should all remember that the Bush administration simply says/does what is asked of it as a favour by Tony Blair and Jonathan Powell via the NIO, so you will seldom see them deviating from the British/Irish government position on any particular matter. This is a bit of a shame, as I’d really like to see the Americans asking Ian Paisley about his questionable commitment to peaceful means given the violent company that he has kept in the past.

  • willis

    Yeah Comrade but don’t forget that Big Ian has his own cheerleaders down in the Bible Belt. Pat Robertson, Jesse Helms and a gaggle of Quail Huntin’, Gay hatin’ Good old boys will always be there to put in a good word for Righteousness.


  • New Yorker


    Peter King has changed his Irish positions. He is now chairman of the homeland security committee of the House. It would be inappropriate for him to associate with terrorists or former terrorists. I think the Bush administration listens to London and Dublin but has high regard for Mitchell Reiss. Adams’ attack on Reiss may be due to pressure from the ongoing Provo interrogations


    The first word that comes to Americans’ mind when they hear of Paisley is Bigot. And we know hard it is for a bigot to overcome his bigotry. What ever happened to his visit with Archbishop Brady? What’s he really doing to stop loyalist terrorism? He is responsible for much irresponsible rhetoric over the years.

  • Shore Road Resident

    Peter King has repeatedly called on SF to support the PSNI.

  • TL

    I agree with Gerry’s remarks about Reiss. This visit just shows how the Administration feels about SF and how little they care about NI. They will throw down road blocks and come up with excuses for as long as possible.


    So now the American administration are the ones making excuses and throwing down roadblocks?
    Aye, everybody is marching out of step, except Sinn Fein, once again…..

    Ho hum.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Adams and his party of stooges need to realise that they are the “Irish” equivalent of Al-Quaeda in the eyes of the world. They shouldn’t even be allowed to leave the UK, never mind travel to the US courtesy of money they “procured” through drug-dealing, robberies, extortion and other racketeering and naive, simple-headed Hollywood actors such as Martin Sheen and Mickey Rourke…

  • TL

    No, never said that at all. What I’m saying is this isn’t the days of Clinton where the US gov. will play nice.

    Concerned Loyalist,
    Yes Bush and co. do see SF as a sort of mini version of Al-Quaeda.

  • willis

    New Yorker

    Try irony, or should I say #####.

    I think I basically agree with you but the bigotry filter caught too much of your post.


  • willis

    Ok now I know one of the words, and it’s not irony.


  • middle-class taig

    Anyone who thinks that being dissed by the Bush administration will have a negative impact on Sinn Fein’s electoral prospects is seriously deluded about Irish public opinion. Adams will have been seething about missing his engagement, but privately thanking his lucky stars for the cover down his left flank. With the Labour Party cosying up to Fine Gael, SF couldn’t buy publicity like that. Adams now gets to say he’s over there maintaining contact with Irish America, flying the republican flag, in the teeth of an assault by the most unpopular presidency in decades. The voters SF wants, north and south, are pretty savvy and pretty moderate. They won’t be put off by Reiss’ antics in the slightest; neither will the British left; neither will the European left; and neither will moderate America.

    Plus, the whole thing is so inordinately petty and unfair that Adams looks statesmanlike rising above it. The fact is, it was fair criticism of Mitchell Reiss. Advising Bush to enable Adams to simultaneously play the victim and the statesman in front of his overwhelmingly anti-Bush electorate, distasteful, selective and instrumental use of victims, and pressurising nationalists into accepting an obviously defective police force, IS very, very bad advice.

  • Shore Road Resident

    If believing that makes you happy, then I’m happy for you.

  • middle-class taig


    I assume that flaccid offering was in lieu of any substantive or reasoned riposte.