Just What Did Teddy Kennedy Say?

Sinn Fein have reacted angrily to BBC reports throughout the day indicating Senator Ted Kennedy’s support for the fund-raising ban slapped on the party by the White House this year. All very normal- except, apparently, for the fact that the Senator has actually been saying quite the opposite in his own press briefings. If so, just how did the BBC mis-interpret this one?

  • Pete Baker

    It would be appropriate to note that the BBC have acknowledged the error and corrected it in their online report – last time stamp 4.28pm

    Meanwhile, the BBC earlier reported that Senator Ted Kennedy supported the ban on Sinn Fein fundraising in America.

    In fact, Senator Kennedy said that he did not support the position taken by President Bush and that he believed Sinn Fein should be allowed to fund raise.

  • Bunter

    Why? are they frightened that Slabs dough is going to fade away . The income from rent on the Real Estate they own all over Gods green earth maybe confiscated by the ARA sort of ironic isnt it!!

    Political party’s should be restricted from whom and were they can raise funds. If they were running in Biloxy thats fine, but they are a Leftist/big “S” Socialist Irish party. I wonder if any of these Americans realise how much travel these guy’s have done to North Korea, Libya and Cuba? Why not spend some of that Bank money surely some of it is still knocking around.

  • willis

    Is this not what the blogsphere is supposed to be great at – grinding through the cached posts to get to the truth. Who wrote the original piece? What hack screwed up and why?

    Thanks Chris, for reminding us why this is fun.

    BTW that is now ok.

    Tessa Jowell reckons the BBC should take fun seriously, and if anything is deserving a good Hogarthing it is BONG BONG Journalism.

  • BogExile

    Just seen on Direland website:

    ‘Adams tells US reps ‘stop playing to DUP’

    During meetings with Sinn Féin supporters and top US politicians in Washington Thursday, Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams repeatedly urged the

    The remaining text of this article will be available at 15:00 GMT’

    Presumably after the Sinn Fein Press Office have returned from lunch and tell us what to say.