Adams’ sound and fury continues

Whether SF president Gerry Adams had in mind the Guardian’s [and the Belfast Telegraph’s] interpretation of Mitchel Reiss’ comments to the Joint Committee of the US House of Representatives, or Reiss’ actual testimony, or indeed the continuation of the ban on fundraising isn’t exactly clear, but he is continuing to issue combative statements ahead of tomorrow’s White House gathering. The BBC reports the SF president as saying – “I don’t have high regards for Mitchell Reiss’s input into this process. If it is he who is advising the president, it’s very very bad advice”. But the rhetoric in March is still a long way from the stance in November.

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  • Pat Mc Larnon

    It is about time Adams grew a pair in his dealings with Reiss in particular and the Bush administration in general.

    He should ask Reiss to step out of his limousine and have a look at the murder rate in his adoptive home of Washinton and compare it to Ireland before he lectures on who or what should support policing.

  • Shore Road Resident

    That’s a complete non-sequitur.
    What does the murder rate in Washington have to do with policing in Northern Ireland? Unless you’re referring to the number of police homicides, of course, in which case the comparison makes the PSNI look like an electric minivan full of social workers.
    Something tells me that isn’t what you mean though, is it?

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    I tell you what I mean after your meaningless contribution. Try reading what Reiss has said before your knee jerks through your skull.

    For your benefit he has stated that support for the police is essential for democracy to succeed.
    The point obviously being support for the police isn’t doing too much for the people in Reiss’s own backyard. Yet, the same person has the nerve to get on his hind legs and lecture democratically elected parties on their need to support corrupt policing arrangements.

    The murder rate here is low despite the PSNI not because of them.

    You got that!

  • Shore Road Resident

    Errr, no – but I did get a great deal of hostility. I also have read Reiss’s remarks and I don’t see how the high murder rate in Washington negates the assertion that supporting the police is essential for democracy.
    Washington descended into total chaos in the 1980s, during the Marion Barry era, when relations between local government and the police broke down. Faults on both sides there to be sure – but both sides now clearly recognise that rebuilding their relationship is essential to rebuilding civic society in the inner city area. This is a universal consensus in Washington, as I understand it. I don’t understand how any of this implies that Reiss, as a resident of Washington, has no right to make the same observations for Northern Ireland.

  • JTC

    Poor Gerry.
    Why are the media so obsessed with the opinions of an ageing politician,whose popularity is plunging and whose party is stagnant in the South.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    The media are obsessed with Gerry Adams simply because they are obsessed with everything to do with SF, he, being the leader is thus very important.

    A case of this media obsession is, for instance, a Dublin murder.
    There have been quite a few murders in Dublin of late. The murders are forgotten after a day or so. In the case of the Rafferty’s from Dublin they simply preface the murder with the words Sinn Fein and all of a sudden a pathetic backstreet murder is elevated above all others.

    Newspapers who would normally have trashed him and his family become allies. Little known councillors like Gary Keegan, with a eye on a Dail nomination suddenly become friends. Quite simple really

  • Nic

    I, on the other hand Gerry, have the highest regard for Mitchell Reiss’ input into the “process”. And it is particularly heartening that you haven’t been able to get rid of him (yet). Unlike Bertie and Blair, the Bush WhiteHouse does indeed seem to be “Untouchable” on NornIron. And amen to that.

  • fair_deal

    The behaviour of the republican leadership on this St Pat’s trip is very weird – primadonna posing, finger-pointing and huffing – not the usual smooth Sinn Fein PR approach. Similar to their flailing about on the McCartney and Rafferty murders and the Northern Bank robberies

    It makes me wonder if all is well on the good ship Provo? Did they think their playing of the big decommissioning card would be a fait accompli? It hasn’t panned out that way so are they adrift again.

    “have a look at the murder rate in his adoptive home of Washinton and compare it to Ireland before he lectures on who or what should support policing.”

    For a minute I thought I was in a Unionist timewarp listening to a backwoods UUC delegate complaining about Irish America.

    Irish nationalism advocated the internationalisation of politics here. Sorry to disappoint but there was no guarante that the international would always sing off the Republican hymn-sheet.

    “In the case of the Rafferty’s from Dublin they simply preface the murder with the words Sinn Fein and all of a sudden a pathetic backstreet murder is elevated above all others.

    If Fianna Fail were implicated in a murder it’d get plenty of media coverage too.

  • David

    Without the IRA to threaten us with Sinn Fein are nobodies. Gerry better get used to it.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all, The US administration…is playing hard ball and Gerry Adams has become….soft. He isn’t effective politically anymore and this latest outburst makes him appear to be a whiney spoiled child. Maybe it’s time for Gerry A and company to go back to following the advisers they stopped listening to 2 years ago. They used to be successful when they listened to those advisors…now…Gerry is very ineffective and I agree he looks like a prima donna diva that isn’t understanding the world today.

    posted by Kathy C

  • Shore Road Resident

    I’m still waiting for Pat McLarnon to explain how the murder rate in Washington precludes Reiss from observing that political support for policing is essential in a democracy.

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    where do I state Reiss is precluded from doing anything?

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    ‘For a minute I thought I was in a Unionist timewarp’

    I’ve read your posts, you are in a unionist timewarp.

    ‘Irish nationalism advocated the internationalisation of politics here.’

    Yes and it is to be welcomed. When one of those who attempts to get involved comes off with something that flies in th eface of logic it must be challenged.

    ‘If Fianna Fail were implicated in a murder it’d get plenty of media coverage too.’

    As stated, simply prefacing the word SF at the start of the sentence amounts to implication, point proven.

  • Nonpartitionist

    Desperate input to Hearts and Minds tonight. Reiss was woeful and what was the point of Newton Emerson’s piece? His reference to the Protestants killed by the IRA was predictably sectarian. Uncomfortable facts (he puts the Portadown into Portadown News…)

    RC religion didn’t matter a jot to the IRA if the RC was in the RUC/UDR/British Army

    The % of killings committed by the IRA broke down as 53% security forces, 47% civilians. Now that’s an awful lot of civilians I grant you, but I reckon its a lower % than the % killings of civilians among the killings of loyalist paramilitaries, RUC/UDR and British Army. And, in respect of the latter, the IRA members who committed those killings tended to lose a day’s pay for their actions, unlike the members of the ‘security forces’ .

  • pol

    Well said Jerry.
    We have been taking this s—t for far to long.

    As for the Bushmen, they have a nerve preaching democracy to anybody.

    Do as i say not as i do.

  • pakman


    it’s one thing attempting to justify your grubby little “war”, it’s quite another to try to air brush the ethnic cleansing element to it out of history. But why am I getting worked up; it seems the brave volunteers got docked pay after each embarassing murder.

  • fair_deal

    My my someone is in a mood tonight


    It was your comment not mine.

    “flies in the face of logic”

    Saying a practical demonstration of a party’s democratic credentials is support the rule of law and police is not illogical.

    “point proven.”

    How exactly does that prove the point? Illogical surely?

  • Shore Road Resident

    The comment by non-partitionist is just amazing. Losing a day’s pay for killing a civilian? Christ, up the ‘RA…

  • Shore Road Resident

    Just looked up the Emerson piece – and the line non-partionist is referring to is presumably this:

    “Why a movement with so many skeletons in its own closet continues to dig up the dead is a genuine mystery. Perhaps it shows how deeply republicans believe that all those Protestants they killed basically deserved it.”

    It is interesting that this has struck such a chord with a… ‘non-partitionist’. Too close to the bone, perhaps?

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Mitchell Reiss was woeful on Hearts and Minds, never was a politicial pundit allowed to plead the Fifth so many times, although the gentle questioning of Noel Thompson undoubtedly encouraged the White House point man to control the interview.
    He seemed badly prepared and badly briefed and the confrontational approach that Thompson can use was missing on this occasion.

  • loyalist

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  • BogExile

    Yup, Irish American eyes are definitely not shining in Gerry’s direction this time around. Fair-deal hit the nail on the head – the Shinners only craved the international (US) spotlight as long as it endorsed the (Jean Kennedy Smith imposed) party line. It must seem inconceivable to SF Press office that the Bush administration are no longer buying the frayed, hackneyed and frankly hilarious old agit-prop they’ve been flogging for so long. For once, I agree with Cathy C:

    ‘Maybe it’s time for Gerry A and company to go back to following the advisers they stopped listening to 2 years ago. ‘

    Absolutely! It was a much more coherent and effective organisation when it was completely infiltrated by MI5!

  • pol

    As it’s been started before, the yanks support Sinn fein by dipping into there pocket’s.

    So the more the Bushboy’s try to suffocate our presence in the State’s the deeper the support base will dig out those dollars.

    Happy days.