Fulton’s US mission…

FORMER British spy in the IRA Kevin Fulton has given an extensive interview in Atlantic magazine, in which he details how he set up a republican in New York for deportation while on a mission to buy infrared triggers for IRA bombs.

  • Nick J

    Deja Vu???

    Nick J

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    To be sure, to be sure, time hasn’t improved the quality of the piece.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Teague was abale to verify the story as it was reported that a red haired man with a green cane was deported by the FBI back to Tir Na N’og.

  • Busty Brenda

    What’s wrong with the piece. Most of it has been in the media before. The background to Fulton has been well publicised, his experience of being questioned in Belfast has also been well reported, and we all know who the writer is speaking off when he alludes to Fultons interrogator, although he doesn’t mention any names.

    The only thing really new is the personal contact with Fulton. The writers visits to Fultons home, his nervousness, how his family are decent people. Whats wrong with that? Aren’t the family of Denis Donaldson decent people?

    I don’t see why the quality of the piece is seen by Pat McLarnon as poor. Perhaps that is because of the subject matter rather than the piece its self. Republicans will have to get used to the idea that people like this are part of the history of the last 30 years. The DD’s and KF’s and Scappaticci’s are there, like it or not, get used to it. Begorra!!

  • The Dubliner

    Infra Red electronic circuit switches have been used in the alarm business for yonks. He should have went to Maplins and saved himself the air fare.

  • ingrammartin


    The FBI agent confirmed it to Teague what more do you want Freddy to do a rain dance! in the bollocky buff singing I am a tout. Talking about that will buy you a coffee if you are down there when I am, are you covering it for the Blogging committee ?.


  • Pat Mc Larnon


    you are right in that it is regurgetated shite that has been doing the rounds for some time. Frankly this piece is a throw back to a time when reports were written at the bar of the Europa hotel. He is simple re-writing old stuff, nothing new there.
    The Paddywhackery of the green cane is only matched by the writer getting into the head of FS and why jhe allegedly did what he did. In fact read that piece carefully and you can see how the writer contradicts himself, laughable stuff.
    Still if it impresses you fair play to you.

  • Busty Brenda


    Sean O’Driscoll has written a piece in Irish voice, saying that Teague in an online interview said the following,..
    ‘as a reporter I kind of kept one eyebrow cocked until I tracked down all the details. And every single detail checked out, down to the most minute peripheral details, such as his trip to New York. Everything checked out.

    It does not read as though it were written at the bar of the Europa hotel. I did not say I was impressed by the piece – that is your conclusion. I asked what was wrong with it that you say it is off poor quality, when quite obviously it has been thoroughly checked out by Teague and taken in that context by O’Driscoll.

    Infact O’Driscoll goes further and claims,..’The revelations could throw some light on Fulton’s credibility,as his claims of garda collusion as the basis of the Smithwick tribunal in to the murders of Chief Sup Harry Breen and Sup. Intendent Robert Buchanan, which opened in Dublin this week.’

    Can you point out to us the places in which the writer contradicts himself.

  • ingrammartin


    Quote”Infra Red electronic circuit switches have been used in the alarm business for yonks. He should have went to Maplins and saved himself the air fare”Unquote

    This is coded kit and not available at Maplins all those years ago mate, still you armchair generals know it all Eh.


    PS. Busty has a point Pat come on what contradictions?

  • The Dubliner

    “This is coded kit and not available at Maplins all those years ago mate, still you armchair generals know it all Eh.” – Martin Mitty

    A bit like jumped-up army clerks, eh? 😉

  • ingrammartin


    Unlike you Boy 12 years in the Intelligence Corps and seven in the FRU allows me a better judge of that Armchair than you “Da”


  • The Dubliner

    It appears to have given you expert knowledge of every aspect of the army, from the technical minutia of electronics (sans any technical qualification) to the date of birth of every informer in the north of Ireland along with a full brief of all military and policing operations ever undertaken. Does the army give this information and training to the thousands of other lowly office clerks (the ‘rank’ you held), or are you the only exception? And to think, you achieved all this by age 30 when you left the army in disgrace.

    Isn’t this some sort of world record for a lowly clerk, Martin, or are you just as you appear to be: a deluded little disenfranchised former army office clerk who makes up shit as a result of some (untreated) pathology? My money is on the latter. 😉

  • Pete Baker

    Dubliner and Martin

    Play the ball!

  • Busty Brenda

    Does anyone know the identity of the man from Queens who was deported?

  • ingrammartin


    Sorry to dissapoint mate but I was a Senior nco WHO LEFT AFTER 12 YEARS WITH AN UNBLEMISHED RECORD AND WITH A DISTINGUISHED SERVICE RECORD. The bloody Sunday inquiry published these facts. The British Irish Rightswatch will confirm me rank and afterall how do you expect Freddy , Sea Gate and the murder of Notorantonio to be exposed by some clerk ! silly boy.

    Busty Brenda.

    The man is James M from Kilkeel, I will put his passport photo on the Martiningram.blogspot.com

    Back to the Armchair Dubliner


  • Martin Ing can u contact elpaso@hush.com

  • ingrammartin

    my e mail is ingrammartin@yahoo.co.uk


  • ingrammartin


    I also have the false passport that he used and of course with the good looking fellas finger prints. I wonder if he told the IRA about his little ” Chat”



  • The Dubliner

    “Sorry to dissapoint mate but I was a Senior nco…” – Martin

    Very impressive rank to have reached after 12-years, Martin, given that even the most senior NCO officially ranks beneath the most junior commissioned officer in the British Army. Wash up after the boys much? 😉

  • ingrammartin



    Thanks mate luv correcting you or at least putting your rubbish in its pigeon hole.


    PS Pat do not forget Busty asked you about the Atlantic piece, you shinners seem to have a small attention span.

  • This site is exasperating in the extreme when it comes to discussing anything serious about Irish politics.

    Just the other day, the piece in the Atlantic Monthly about Freddie Scappaticci’s and ‘Kevin Fulton’s alleged activities as both Provo terrorists and British moles was posted, and no sooner had I made a considered response to it than the thread was highjacked by ‘Fulton’s fellow conspirator ‘Martin Ingram’, BB, FK, etc.

    Now, we get another version of the Atlantic article, and the same group are back on the line, presenting yet new diversions while calling for real complaints about the original article – what I had posted back on the original thread and which remains unnoticed, much less unanswered.

    Then the thread about ‘Martin Ingram’s radio performance back in January is regurgiated to keep the confusion going. Next, I guesss we can expect excerpts from his book ‘StakeKnife’.

    When are the defenders of state-sponsored terrorism on both sides of the border going to join the debate rather than just continually cast up red-herrings?

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    you wrote, ‘ when quite obviously it has been thoroughly checked out by Teague,’ you have no way of knowing that it was thoroughly checked by Teague. He says he has and you seem to accept that. I am quite clearly stating that this piece is an amalgamation of previously written pieces, with nothing new. The line about men with ‘green canes’ while trivial is an indication that Teague has had little contact with this place. Was that ‘fact’ obviously thoroughly checked out?

    Very early in the piece the writer tells us what drove Scaop to do what he did. Something about IRA leaders going out with the wives of men who had went to jail. Colin Wallace delivered something similar circa 1972, but no matter. Scap has never given any such interview, how then does the writer know these ‘facts’, one can assume then that theat particular excerpt is from the imagination of the writer.

    Later in the piece the writer states that no one can be sure why Scap did what he did.

    That in my book is a contradiction and that when one takes away the already written pieces that litter this piece there is absolutely nothing there except the imagination of the writer and little men running about with green canes.

  • ingrammartin


    Thanks for that. You could have said you do not believe him rather than a contradiction! still you lot never believed Freddy was a source did you?

    Today Daily Ireland no longer defends him although, they just cannot come to terms with calling him an Agent. He he never mind hired killer.

    As for Trow. Take your tablet boy and have a rest.


  • For just another indication of how screwed up things are here,viewers should be aware that while Marty is still acting here as if I need medical help for my mental difficulties, ‘Martin Ingram’ has made a post on the IRBB about Blair’s complicity in the whole collusion issue, claiming that I could be right about ‘Steak Knife’.

    Of course, maybe they are differnt people, but it just shows the whole absurdity of allowing anonymous people, especially operators, to roam free on the web, and expect to get anywhere when it comes to serious matters.

    If a person won’t say who he or she is, we shouldn’t even tolerate what they say, much less take it seriously.

  • ingrammartin


    You are taking a leap of faith on that one Boy.

    This was my response to your post.

    Quote”How do you know Trow is not right? “Unquote

    Hardly a ringing endorsement and if you had a brain in your head you would have known that I was pulling ya leg. let us not forget the subject matter:

    Trow. Quote”Blair was complicit not only in collusion but also in its cover up from the very beginning, as Ed Moloney wrote in A Secret History of the IRA: “Tony Blair played his part as well. The IRA’s officer commanding in the Maze prison, Padraig Wilson, was let out, as was Martina Anderson, convicted of conspiring to bomb England and since sent to join IRA women prisoners in Maghaberry jail, on the outskirts of Belfast.” (pp. 482-3)

    Wilson was apparently the famous ‘Steak Knife’ – the most highly paid agent who arranged the capture of the Eksund, heavily ladened with Libyan weapons; the set up of Simon Hayward on a charge of drug smuggling in Sweden when it seems he had shot the statsminister, Olof Palme; had arranged the hardliners in the Maze to go along with the GFA; etc.

    Anderson’s release was just to provide a political correct cover for the whole operation.

    In sum, the scum bag PM is in this up to his neck, just like the Provisional touts who worked for Downing Street.

    Another Trow masterpiece to add to his codshit web site.

  • Busty Brenda

    Pat, one contradiction-if it is that-does not make the whole piece ‘full of contradictions’. The piece I will grant you is definitely made up of others that have been in the media now for some time. It’s quite obvious the writer did not talk to scap, and any information about him has come from other media sources-hardly inspiring for the piece. BUT and it is a BUT – quite clearly the writer DID talk to fulton, and quite clearly the information about the US mission is new.
    Fulton/Keeley has obviously given this information-and had the goods to back it up.

    The inn where Fulton stayed and the guy that was deported, and thats all checked out. Evidence of the author checking on what he was told.

    Yes the piece is long,& obviously researched by two methods. the colating of the media sources for scap(since he is in hiding ),and the personal meeting with fulton and the personal meeting with donaldson, who then to the reporters and all our surprise is a traitor. Quite ironic that he picked him to meet with.
    One must remember the writer was not writing for a home audience, but for people in the US. I believe thats why it is so long.

    The piece about the cane and sheliah is only to highlight the two differences for a foreign audience. It’s not all the writers imagination and colated sources, he did check his facts and has stated publicly that they were checked, and outlets such as irish voice have accepted that on face value.

    For a foreign audience it was not a bad piece. The ‘from belfast with love’ on cryptome about the piece was also quite interesting.

  • ‘Marty’- apparently aka ‘Martin Ingram’,Captain Simon Hayward, Captain James Rennie, etc. – if you had taken the trouble to look at the previous page, you would know that I hardly considered it a ringing endorsement. I only said that you considered it a possibility.

    As for jokes in this regard, I suggest you assume a degree of seriousness you have never indicated previously. We are talking about an incipient civil war in which covert operators like yourself killed anyone you were told to. Hardly a laughing matter.

    As for codshit.com, it is not my website. I have nothing to do with its posts, and how it is operated. The owner of the site just keeps posting what I send him, and keeps track of it in the Trowbridge Archive. If you object to what he is doing, why not send an e-mail to him.

    And the posts about your latest deception are posted on slugger o’toole, and the IRBB.

    Have you lost all sense of reality, Marty. It is well past mid-day, and you apparently have not taken you pills.

  • ingrammartin


    I recommend everybody reads your archive of theories about who killed the Swedish prime minister Oh and of course your contention that I shot him which you have made clear more than once.

    Oh yes ! Why not tell people how the American Govt tried to have you killed Trow? that would be interesting BUT first please take the tablet.


  • Thanks for the plug, ingrammartin, but I only have had one theory about the assassination of Sweden’s statsminister Olof Palme – it was apparently done by Captain Simon Hayward aka Captain James Rennie, and possibly even yourself.

    I have not been able to make it completely clear because of the failure of Prime Minister Tony Blair, D. B. Payne of the Home Office’s Organised and International Crime Directorate, Secretary Admiral Nick Wilkinson of the Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee et al. to shed any light on the matter. The British government, as my correspondence with them clearly shows, is firmly committed to cover up the whole dirty conspiracy.

    And I have already told anyone who sees my articles on codshit.com about Washington’s attempt to kill me. For anyone who still is in the dark, consult my confessions about being an American exile, and its attempt to assasinate me.

    And I have not tables. Could you send some of yours along!

  • Busty Brenda


    do you feel the british government Palme-d you off?

  • No, BB, I feel that it shot Palme in the back!

  • Busty Brenda

    Maybe it was a rogue ex-CIA agent now living in exile?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Apologies to Pete for missing his original post linking to the same articles. Since there are quite a few comments attached to the other thread now, I’m going to let it stay up, otherwise I’d remove it.

    *hides head in shame*

  • No, BB, it wasn’t, whether you are just appealing to the erroneous preconceptions of opponents of all conspiracy theories at my expense or whether you are making a serious claim.

    Former(?)CIA agent Craig Williamson was in the area at the time, and he and others were stalking the statsminister to put his body guards off – what a British reassessor of their activity, apparently Captain Simon Hayward, took advantage of on the night of February 28, 1986.

    Williamson infilitrated Olof Palm’e anti-aparthied organization in Geneva in the late 1970s, and later worked for South Africa’s BOSS.

    On the night of the killing, Williamson was in Stockholm, and the Swedish Security Service consulted an MI6 agent who came to Stockholm four days after the murder about his being involved in a BOSS assassination of the statsminister.

    MI6’s involvement proved a complete red-herring to throw off Swedish investigators, ultimately costing the Swedish Justice Minister her job.

    For more on this deception, see Duncan Campbell’s piece in the New Statesman & Society a couple of years later, and note particularly the reference to Rollo Watts, a former Scotland Yard SB commander who was then working for David Walker’s security company, Saladin Security, which was providing the Swedish bodyguard reassessment.

  • ingrammartin

    I rest my case My lord.


  • BB, if you want to find out more about Duncan Campbell’s article in context, consult my articles on Oliver North, and the assassination of Olof Palme (Operation Tree) in the Trowbridge Archive at:


  • Busty Brenda

    I’ll give it a miss thanks trow. Hows the girlfriend by the way? good I hope.

    just to let you know, the fulton story is all over the belfast telegraph, if you want to go to their site and read it, although there is not much new in it.

    thanks anyway!!

  • Susan

    Please keep right on blogging “Double Bind”, Pete and Gonzo. Along with Newt Emerson’s “No Will to Prosecute the UVF,” it is one of the two more eye-opening articles published in the last twelve months — little green cane and all.

    Perhaps eventually the discussion will work its way round to the eerie parallels between the ruthlessly efficiency with with British intelligence and PIRA used “Kevin Fulton” and Eoin Morley, respectively. Used and then discarded. Morley shot in the back and left for dead literally, Fulton, thus far, only figuratively.

    Then again, perhaps that discussion doesn’t suit the scripts. As that great commentator on Northern affairs, Don Henley, put it: “Armchair warriors often fail/We’ve been poisoned by these fairy tales….”

  • BB, I must say that I am hardly pleased by your response, given the trouble I went to in order to answer your queries. And you only compound your offence by asking me about my girlfriend, as if that is some excuse for your licence. And then you go on about the crap that appears reguarly in the BT – it is the arm of British covert government.

    You are just a creation of ‘Martin Ingram’ et al., and you shall not be receiving any more replies from me, no matter what your queries!

  • Susan

    I suppose this means Busty Brenda’s tits aren’t real, either?

    (rolls eyes, returns back to work)

  • Busty Brenda

    weeeeeeellllllllllll sorriee Trow, but I do not have the time to read a lot of your archives right now. snd I did not ask you for them. I did put them in my favourites for future reference and i only asked about your gf to be politse. Your response makes me almost sorry I asked.

    TUT!! Some people……….

  • Busty Brenda

    Susan my silicone secrets are mine alone.

  • Susan

    Sorry, Brenda, I never meant to seriously insinuate that you were a “plastic” paddy. It’s just
    difficult to “play the ball” on this thread when I’m having trouble even locating it.