Major underground laundering facilities in Armagh/Louth

Here’s a brief update on the story Pete picked up yesterday morning. Owen Bowcott’s report hints heavily that the raid on Slab Murphy’s farm, which straddles the border has taken place in the context of the decommissioning of IRA weapons, and that organisations assertion that it is no longer involved in criminal activity. He has previously been the subject of an ARA probe. The Irish Times has more details:

Yesterday’s searches of multiple sites and premises, named Operation Achilles, involved more than 300 Garda and PSNI officers, Irish and British soldiers, and customs and revenue officials from both sides of the Border. Co-ordinated searches took place around the townland of Ballybinaby and across the Border in Crossmaglen, south Armagh, and in Newry, Co Down.

A fleet of tankers which were being used to transport laundered fuel was seized during the searches. Some of the trucks bore the livery of multinational fuel companies, allowing them to drive cross-country without arousing suspicion. Four laundering facilities attached to a major network of storage tanks, some of which were underground, were also found.