Guardian live-blogs Lib Dem leadership result

The Guardian NewsBlog is live-blogging the results of the race for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats.. if previous live-blogging attempts are anything to go by watch out for them to switch to a new thread *ahem*.. anyway, they’re currently reporting that Sky are calling it for Emperor Ming.. Update All Hail the new Emperor!.. Ming that is.From the G NewsBlog

First round:

Ming: 23,264
Hughes: 12,081
Huhne: 16,691

IT’S MING OFFICIAL .. He puts his arms around the others – all raise arms aloft for the snappers … huge grin.

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  • Brian Boru

    They had a perfectly good and popular leader already. Despite the Dunfermline result, they are down in the polls in the UK overall. By-elections aren’t necessarily representative of wider trends e.g. Tory victories in by-elections under Blair. I think this guy is too old at a time when young leaders is all the rage.

  • The Liberal Democrat poll ratings are recovering.
    The Tories have not won a seat from Labour in a Westminster Parliamentary by-election under Blair.Neither have the Tories done well with youthful leaders.

  • heck

    I would have supported Simon Hughes but this is still a good choice. Ming has been the best in Westminster at articulating an opposition to the war in Iraq. I wonder if this is why he won by such a comfortable margin.

  • crataegus

    Good to see Ming elected, sound character; when will we have Flash Gordon?

  • and also @ the Guardian……….
    “Guardian lines up 200 contributors for new comments site……………………..

  • Pete Baker

    A good assessment of the campaign, and who could conceivably have beaten Ming [only Ming himself] from the Guardian’s Michael White.