Not in the public interest – Redux

The controversy over the abrupt ending of the trial of Denis Donaldson and two others in relation to a spy-ring at Stormont continues, with the Belfast Telegraph reporting a letter from the private secretary of the Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland, Peter Hain, in response to a number of local councils requesting an inquiry into the affair. There’s a repetition of the official line that “There was, without any doubt, paramilitary intelligence-gathering which the police acted to prevent.”, and, in addition, the letter states, “The Government does not see the need for a costly public inquiry.”.. that would probably be because the Government knows why the prosecution was halted.. but doesn’t want to tell anyone..

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  • heck

    let me get this right.

    the dup wants an inquiry
    the sdlp wants an inquiry
    the UP wants an inquiry
    SF don’t seem to object.
    the NI media want an inquiry.

    so let me get this right a welsh MP doesn’t want one so there won’t be one.

    Isn’t British democracy wonderful to behold

  • wild turkey

    ‘the government does not see the need for a costly public enquiry’

    costly in terms of resources and finance or costly in terms of the fly-by-night credibility of NIO?

    a simple and effective cost saving measure would be to put the full story in the public domain… perish the thought

    posted by wild turkey

  • I missed this one. Thanks for the tip. I’ll list it tomorrow as today’s Newshound is already full.