A superfluous level of government…

Vincent Browne argues that at least 10 out of the Republic’s Minister’s of State don’t have real jobs to do, and asks why despite promises from successive government’s to do something about it, the posts still remain.

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  • crataegus

    Vincent Browne makes two points the first is on the issue of dual mandates and I must confess I have always thought that those standing for election should first resign from current positions and if one leaves a post there should automatically be a by-election as the electorate are choosing an individual to represent them not a party.

    The second issue relating to redundant ministries is of considerable importance as this in turn leads to inefficient government but really is part of a larger and unresolved issue of what should be done locally by the councils, regionally by regional assemblies, at national level by national governments and on a European level by the European parliament.

    To my way of thinking as much as possible should be devolved down to the lowest level where there is better opportunity to account for what is being done and meet the real needs of local communities.

    We are grossly over governed and worse than that incoherently and inefficiently governed. As for the NI Assembly; no need to comment really.

  • Isn’t it obvious? It certainly should be after the recent hoo-ha involving Haughey, DeValera et al.

    Ministries of State are political plums, bonuses, bribes, whatever you want to call them, handed out on the whim of the incumbent Taoiseach. They have nothing whatsoever to do with the actual running of the country.

  • Mark

    Resigning before fighting an election is a bit harsh, what if you don’t get in? In America there are no dual mandates but you only have to resign the old job if you get the new one, hence Kerry is still in the Senate.