No US fundraising for Adams in March?

Both Ireland On Line and the Irish Times report[subs required] that there are indications from the US adminstration that Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams will be unsuccessful in his attempt to get a waiver on his visa and he is expected therefore to be barred from fund-raising during his scheduled trip in March this year.. just as he was last November.. It’s still at the early stages in this, but the powerplay noted then could get heated again.In The Irish Times, political correspondent Mark Hennessy states

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams is expected to be barred by the Bush administration from fund-raising during next month’s St Patrick’s celebrations in the US.

Last November, Mr Adams dropped plans to attend a major “Friends of Sinn Féin” fundraising dinner in New York after Washington imposed the restriction as a penalty for the party’s refusal so far to join the Northern Ireland Policing Board.

The ban is set to be reimposed by members of the administration’s National Security Council, which has become increasingly frustrated by lack of progress on the issue.

In the same Irish Times report, Mark Hennessy notes some of the motions relating to policing at the SF Ardfheis this weekend –

None of the motions to be debated on policing on Sunday morning favours any movement by the party, while many adopt a traditionalist approach – ruling out any involvement until the British quit Northern Ireland.

Despite the lack of support, the[sic] Sinn Féin is expected to make major moves on the issue in April – though it is not yet clear if this will amount to an unqualified membership of the policing board.

Although I’m not sure how widely expected those moves actually are.. even with the lack of support.