Radio Slugger goes live!

Radio Slugger
. After some spluttering and bumping into metaphorical and some painfully real technological walls, we finally have the first edition of our podcast, formally known as Radio Slugger. It is very much work in progress so it’s bound to be a bit rough first time out. In today’s programme: we talk to Richard Delevan about blogging, and its connection with journalism and politics; and we have a short analysis on “what on earth happened to Sinn Fein in 2005”; and Malachi O’Doherty with a short evocation of old Belfast’s inimitable cuisine.

  • Am I the only person who can’t get that link to work? Either in an RSS reader (comes up as a standard feed with no enclosure) or iTunes (error).

  • Mick Fealty

    Bare with me Damien. I had it working last night, but may have wrongly formatted the URL this morning.

  • Paul O

    ‘What on earth happened to Sinn Fein in 2005’?

    They increased their number of seats in Westminster and local govt elections, were shown to have been telling the truth about the ‘Stormontgate’ affair, got the IRA to dump their weapons and have put themselves in a position to do very well at the next general election in the south. All this despite facing an organised attack by all other parties in NI, RoI and Britain who tried their best at smashing SF once and for all.

    All in all a good performance!

  • Mickhall

    Enjoyed it Mick, was that your pet I heard barking or did you have those dogs in the street we here so much about on slugger in for an interview. Couple of thoughts, one of the main problems with pod-radio is they sound like a letter from america/where-ever if you get my drift. Im not sure how one can get around that without getting out on the road.

    I have some thoughts on some projects for radio you might be interested in. if so email me. by the way is there a system via which you can tell how many hits slugger radio gets.

  • Mick Fealty

    Definately Mick! And an on-the-road item sounds good to me. I might have the chance to do something on that Friday coming.

  • I’ve encountered error message C00D0BB8 while using Windows Media Player. They are investigating the cause of this error. They will post more information about this error when it becomes available.

    …and I hoped I might be able to listen to the new Darren Vaughn( ex Radio Ulster )trying to pronounce Lisnagunouge 🙂

  • Rebecca Black

    Thoroughly enjoyable Mick 🙂

  • DaithiO

    I download Podcasts from iTunes Mick, is there any chance you could submit it there so i can have a listen when i’m on the move ?

  • Mick

    Working on it Daithi. I thought I had, but it seems to have been a coding mistake on my part.

  • This is how you need to specify the link in the body of your post:

    Radio Slugger

    Shoulda saved it last night Mick! 😉

  • Yoda


    More power to your elbow, Mick!

  • Yoda

    Just to add:

    Loved the food item: “These are not just baps, these are…”

    Very funny.