1916: A “Fascist” Uprising

Lord Laird writes in today’s Irish Times (subs req.) that it was nascent fascist sentiments which drove the leaders of the 1916 Rising.

“Far from being a prophet of “equality and social inclusion”, Pearse – and most of the leaders of the Rising – subscribed to a dangerous and proto-fascist melange of messianic Roman Catholicism, mythical Gaelic history and blood sacrifice.”

Laid concludes:

“The 50th anniversary of the rebellion in 1966 gave rise to a lot of irresponsible talk and hot air about “unfinished business” in the “North”. Such talk coincided with and helped provoke the re-emergence of political violence in Northern Ireland. Do Mrs McAleese and Bertie Ahern wish to run the same risks on the 90th anniversary this year or in 2016? As realists appreciate, there will not be a united Ireland in 2016 either.”