Sinn Fein to have allowances gradually restored

The British Government is proposing the gradual positive parts of the IMC report (which drew noticeably few comments from our Republican regulars) are already taking effect.

  • Mick

    It may seem that the positive parts of the IMC report are already taking effect…

    But the reality is that the government didn’t wait for the IMC report to be published before tabling those motions in Parliament.. and the payments are to be backdated to 1st November 2005.

  • paddycanuck

    Whats your point Pete?

    Why should they wait?

    They are the government, they should govern.

    The IMC is an unelected highly paid conduit for spooks and the SB, with no statutory or investigative powers.

  • Am I reading this right? Are they seriously proposing not only giving them their regular salaries/allowances back but paying them EXTRA because they don’t attend?

    While I can see the benefits for the other MPs of Sinn Fein not taking part in Westminster life, that seems absolutely insane!

  • Did I miss something, was the money given back?

  • Comrade Stalin

    The IMC is an unelected highly paid conduit for spooks and the SB, with no statutory or investigative powers.

    This highly paid spook conduit has basically given the IRA a glowing report. I don’t see why the chucks are so lined up against it.

    Your enemy here is the DUP. They’ve read something into the IMC report that isn’t there, but they would be saying the same stuff even if the report did not exist. You would do well to aim your fire in the right direction. A good start would be to try to raise awareness of the DUP’s own less than stellar commitment to peaceful and democratic means.

    Here’s a topic for you. Does the DUP’s effective encouragement of the rioting last September suggest that their parliamentary allowances are withdrawn until an IMC report confirms that the party has ended it’s association with loyalist paramilitarism ? Discuss.

  • aquifer

    Political parties need the money if they are to have any chance of keeping up with the avalanche of EU legislation coming into UK law, in addition to keeping up to speed with existing human rights, freedom of information, and equality legislation. Democracy on the cheap a la eighteenth century suits civil servants, professional lobbyists, and street fascists too well. Lets grow up and put and end to paying peanuts for monkeys.